Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 356


Greek text:   IG_2².1193
Date:     end of 4th century B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

At the top of this inscription was a relief of Demeter, Kore and a supplicant; there is a photograph of the relief on the Eleusis Museum website, and a description by C.L.Lawton in perseus.

Proposed by Timokedes the son of Gnathis: since Smikythion the commander of the patrols {peripolarchos} has acted well towards the Eleusinian deme and went out to Eleusis with his soldiers and on behalf of the generals and the deme he ensured that sufficient guards were sent to Eleusis and took care of whatever else was needed to protect Eleusis; 10 therefore it is voted by [the Eleusinians] to praise Smikythion of Kephale . . . and to crown him with a golden crown; and the demarch who holds office after Isarchos shall proclaim in the contest of the tragedians at the Dionysia that the Eleusinian deme crowns Smikythion of Kephale with this crown on account of his virtue and his righteous conduct 20 towards the Eleusinian deme; and he shall be awarded privileged seating, and the demarch [in office] shall summon him forward in the same way as the others who have privileged seats; so that all may know that the Eleusinian deme rewards its benefactors. The demarch Isarchos shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele 30 and place it wherever seems best.

inscription 357

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