Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 363


Greek text:   Ephesos_58   ( I.Eph. 2001 )
Date:     c. 297 B.C.
Tags:     exiles ,   mercenaries+garrisons ,   tyrants
Format:   see key to translations

Ainetos was the general placed in command of Ephesos by Demetrios ( Polyaen_5.19 ); he co-operated with the Ephesians to assist some exiles from Priene who were fighting against their tyrant Hieron ( Syll_599.F ). The Ephesians raised money to help the exiles by a limited sale of citizenship; see A.Chaniotis in "Epigraphical Approaches to the Post-Classical Polis", page 101 ( Google Books ).

There are regular gaps in the text of the inscription, and the restorations made by modern editors are far from certain; but the general sense of the text is clear enough. According to the standard monetary system of ancient Greece, one talent was equivalent to sixy minas.

. . . after hearing . . . the citizens from Priene, who were in Charax {"the camp"} . . . and they announced that they would continue to guard the fort . . . but later they sent a delegation to the Ephesian people and asked them [to give] them weapons [and other things for the defence] of the fort, saying that if they were able by themselves, they would protect Charax, [but if they were not able, they would send for] and receive the assistance of [supporting troops] from the people, who could join in guarding the fort; [therefore it is resolved by the council and the people], to praise the citizens from Priene who are in Charax, because [they apply all] zeal in defending [the fort], and they continue to speak and act in accordance with their pre-existing friendship with us; and to give [them the weapons that they say they need]; and so that the means exists to achieve this, and nothing hinders the defence of the place, [and those who have advanced money may receive back their loans], it is resolved to create citizens upon payment of six minas, free men of free descent, not more than (?) fifteen in number; and upon receiving [the money arising from this - one and a half talents] - the essenes and the councillors assigned to the affairs of Priene shall repay [the talent that was advanced] to those who loaned it, and after purchasing weapons with the rest of the money they shall give the weapons [to the men from Priene] who are guarding [the fort]; and to praise Ainetos because, concerning the matters which the generals and [councillors] discussed with him, [requesting] that he should take care [of the men from Priene who] are in Charax and not allow the fort to fall into other hands, [previously he acted honourably in providing assistance] for their safety, and now he is has announced that he will lack nothing in zeal [in order to ensure the preservation of the men from Priene who are] in Charax. Whoever wishes to become a citizen according to the terms of this decree, [their (?) names] shall be registered . . .

inscription 364

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