Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 370


Greek text:   IG_2².653   ( see also IG_2³.1.870 )
Date:     285/4 B.C.
Tags:     corn_supply
Format:   see key to translations

This decree was the latest in a series of decrees in honour of successive kings of the Bosporos. It was important for the Athenians to maintain a good relationship with the kings, who controlled a large proportion of the city's grain supply; see P.Harding, "Athens Transformed, 404262 BC", pp.48-9 ( Google Books ).

When Diotimos was archon, in the seventh prytany of the Antigonis tribe, with Lysistratos of Paiania , [son of Aristomachos], acting as secretary of the prytany, on the 30th day of Gamelion, which was the 29th day of the prytany, in assembly; . . . of Xypete, the son of ...sthenes, and the other presidents put the motion to the vote on behalf of the presidents; it was resolved by the people, as proposed by Agyrrhios of Kollytos, [the son of Kallimedon]: since [previously the ancestors] of Spartokos [provided] assistance [to the people, and] now Spartokos, 10 inheriting this close relationship [with our people, provides assistance] publicly [to the people], and privately to those Athenians [who visit] him; in recognition [of this, the Athenian people] made his family citizens, and honoured them with bronze [statues] in the [agora and] in the trading centre, and with other awards that are appropriate for virtuous men; and it was agreed that if anyone attacked the realm of his [ancestors] or of Spartokos himself, the Athenians would come to his aid with all their available forces by land and by sea; 20 and moreover, when an embassy arrived from [the Athenians], and he heard that the people had recovered control of [the city], Spartokos [shared their pleasure] in the good fortune of the people, [and gave] them a present of 10,500 medimni of [corn]; and he proclaimed that [in the future] he would provide assistance to the [people of Athens], as much as he could; and [he does] this, [having chosen] to retain the [goodwill towards the people], which he inherited from his ancestors; therefore, in order that [the people] might be seen 30 to [act honourably] towards those who retain the same goodwill towards them [as in previous] times, [with good fortune] it is resolved by the people to praise king Spartokos [of Bosporos], the son of Eumelos, and to [crown him] with a golden crown [as is customary], on account of [the virtue] and goodwill which he has [continually] shown towards the people; and to proclaim the award of the crown [in the contest] of tragedians at the great [Dionysia]; and the officials in charge of finance shall be responsible for the crown and the proclamation; 140 and [to set up] a bronze statue of him in the [agora beside] those of his ancestors, and another one on [the acropolis]; and, so that king Spartokos might know what has been voted by the people, to choose three men to go as envoys on behalf of all the Athenians; once these envoys have been appointed, they shall go [to present] the decree to Spartokos, to proclaim the goodwill that the people holds towards him, and to urge him [to help] the people in any way that he can; each of the envoys shall be given the standard travel expenses. 50 So that there is a record of the close relationship and of the awards that have been granted to him on top of his existing awards, the secretary of the prytany shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and place it on the acropolis; and the officials in charge of finance shall provide for the cost of it.

inscription 371

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