Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 382


Greek text:   IG_11.4.544
Date:     first half of 3rd century B.C.
Tags:     poets+musicians
Format:   see key to translations

Hellenistic poets or historians who commemorated the history of a state could expect to be rewarded, and several 'wandering poets' are honoured in surviving decrees; see R.Hunter & I.Rutherford, "Wandering Poets in Ancient Greek Culture", page 3 ( Google Books ).

Resolved by the council and the people, as proposed by Aristolochos son of Nikodromos: since the poet Demoteles of Andros, the son of Aischylos, has shown great interest in the temple and the city of the Delians, and has written about the local myths; therefore it is resolved by the people to praise Demoteles of Andros, the son of Aischylos, on account of his virtue and his goodwill towards the temple and the people of the Delians, and to crown him with a wreath of laurel; and the sacred herald shall announce . . .

inscription 383

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