Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 410


Greek text:   Erythrai_21   ( I.Ery. 24 )
Date:     (?) 277-275 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

This decree shows how some cities in Asia Minor reacted to raids by invading Gauls in the years after 278 B.C.   The generals of Erythrai were instructed to hand over money to the invaders; no fighting is mentioned, although the decree suggests that the city was defended by mercenaaries and also (if the text restored by Dittenberger is correct) Ptolemaic soldiers.

When Apatourios was the sacrificer {hieoropoios}, in the month of Artemision, it was resolved by the people {of Erythrai}, as proposed by Polykritos son of Iatrokles: since the generals who held office during the first four months of the year when Hegesagoras was sacrificer, namely

have acted nobly and honourably towards the people, and took good and appropriate care of the guarding of the city 10 and the provision of weapons, and although many fears and dangers surrounded the city and great expense was necessary to maintain peace, throughout they kept the city and the countryside free from harm, and they took care that money was collected and paid to the barbarians with Leonnorios, as instructed by the people; and [they took heed] of the money that was assigned by Athenaios to the troops that were arrayed with Hermokrates; and they took heed of the money owed to the soldiers of (?) Ptolemaios [for their provisions]; and when there was a big [shortfall] in the salaries for the mercenaries, [they gave] what was needed out of their own resources; 20 [and they took care of the] other management . . . of those attacking . . .; [therefore it is resolved by the] people to praise the generals who held office [in the first] four months of the year when [Hegesagoras] was sacrificer and to crown [them with a golden crown], namely [and to give them privileged seating at all] the games; 30 and the agonothetes shall proclaim [the honours granted to them] . . . in the theatre, when . . . and [the secretary shall inscribe] this decree [on a stone stele, and] place it in the [agora] . . .

inscription 411

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