Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 416


Greek text:   FD_3.2.205
Date:     273 B.C.
Tags:     sacrilege
Format:   see key to translations

This and the following two inscriptions show that an unusual number of thefts of sacred money were detected in the years 273-272 B.C.; and of course the incriptions only record the cases in which the perpetrators were caught. There are French translations of these three inscriptions on the 'Chaeréphon' website.

In the year of Archiadas as archon, at the autumn assembly, with the following men acting as hieromnemon:

It was resolved by the hieromnemones: since Kephalion of Megara and Boïdiŏn of Megara have revealed the truth to the god, that Diopeithes of Athens was keeping eight talents of sacred money belonging to Pythian Apollo, and Kephalion and Boïdiŏn have brought him to trial before the hieromnemones, and Diopeithes has been found guilty by the hieromnemones and sentenced to pay the eight talents to the god; therefore the hieromnemones have granted to Kephalion and Boïdiŏn of Megara, both to themselves and to their descendants, and also to Hoikis of Argos, priority in receiving justice and inviolability as is customary, because they have clearly rendered great service to the god.

inscription 417

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