Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 419


Greek text:   CID_4.27
Date:     270 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The shields donated by Eudoxos were designed to be carried by competitors in the hoplite race at the Pythian games; see Pindar, Pyth_9, for a celebration of this race.

In the year of Straton as archon at Delphi, at the autumn assembly, with the following men acting as hieromnemon:

Since Eudoxos of Argos, the son of Epidoxos, came to the hieromnemones and announced that he had prepared ten decorated bronze shields for carrying in foot-races, to give to the god for the athletic contest at the Pythian games, it is resolved by the hieromnemones to grant priority in access to justice and security and the same privileges as are awarded to others who are granted priority in access to justice, both to Eudoxos and to his descendants and his property, because he has clearly acted well towards the god. Eudoxos and his descendants shall always take care that the shields are presented in good condition for the contest at the Pythian games. A herald's wand shall be ratified for him, with the inscription "a sacred sign of Pythian Apollo"; and the Delphians shall give Eudoxos a store-room, where he can keep the armour.

inscription 420

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