Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 442


Greek text:   Erythrai_23   ( I.Ery. 29 )
Date:     261-248 B.C.
Tags:     democracy ,   freedom
Format:   see key to translations

See Syll_410 for a similar decree of Erythrai. Because of the unstable situation in Asia Minor after 280 B.C., the mention of war in this decree does not help much in establishing its date. Some scholars suggest that it should be placed slightly earlier, in 270-260 B.C.; see D.Teegarden, "Death to Tyrants!", page 165 ( Google Books ).

It was resolved by the people {of Erythrai}, as recommended by the generals, presidents [and exetastai]: since the generals who held office during the middle four months of the year when Apollodoros was sacrificer {hieropoios}, namely:

carried out the responsibilities of their office well and honourably; and when the city and its territory wre threatened by war, they acted zealously and keenly to protect the city, shunning no fear or danger; and they eagerly came forward to say and do what was most beneficial to the city, so that they preserved the democracy for the city and handed over the city with its freedom intact to their successors as generals; and in other matters they were not subject to any investigation or accusation; therefore with good fortune it is resolved to praise the generals who held office during the second period of four months during the year when Apollodoros was sacrificer, on account of their good conduct while in office, and to crown each of them with a golden crown; and to grant them privileged seating at all the games which are held by the city. This decree shall be inscribed . . .

inscription 443

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