Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 447


Greek text:   FD_3.3.217 ,   IG_11.4.572
Date:     (A) c. 242/1 B.C. ,   (B) c. 260 B.C.
Tags:     poets+musicians
Format:   see key to translations

Chios, along with other Greek states, realised the potential benefits of sending a poet to act as its envoy, who could impress his hosts with his literary skills. A few decades later, Chios appointed another poet to take on the same role of hieromnemon ( Syll_579 ).

[A]   When the archon [at Delphi] was Amyntas, and the members of the council were Erasippos, [Kallikles and Athambos]. Since Amphiklos [of Chios, the son of Kallistratos], an epic poet, has been sent [as hieromnemon to] the Amphictyons . . .

[B]   . . . and towards cities, in a fine and distinguished manner through his poetry he brought lustre to the temple and to the Delians; therefore it is resolved by the people to praise Amphiklos of Chios, the son of Kallistratos, and to crown him with a wreath of laurel in the musical contest at the Apollonia; and the sacred herald shall announce that the people of Delos crowns Amphiklos of Chios, the son of Kallistratos, on account of his piety towards the temple and the goodwill that he continually has toward the Delians; he shall have the status of both a proxenos and a benefactor of the Delians; he and his descendants shall be granted privileged seating at the games, and access to the council and the people second only to sacred matters; he shall have the right to own both land and buildings, and all the other privileges that are granted to other proxenoi and benefactors of the temple and the Delians. The council shall inscribe this decree in the council-hall, and the hieropoioi shall inscribe it in the temple.

inscription 448

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