Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 459


Greek text:   Beroia_3
Date:     248/7 B.C.
Tags:     royal_letters
Format:   see key to translations

By the time of this inscription Demetrios, the son of Antigonos Gonatas, was taking an active role in the government of Macedonia, although the inscription does not give him the time of king. The the 'royal huntsmen' were associated with the worship of Herakles Kynagidas at Beroia; see R.M.Errington, "A History of Macedonia", pages 165 and 226 ( Google Books ).

In the 36th year of the reign of king Antigonos, the hunters Chartas son of Nikanor and Attylos son of Nikanor met with Demetrios, and were given these letters:

[A] Demetrios to Harpalos, greeting. The priests of Herakles have told me that some of the god's income has been assigned to the city funds; see to it then, that the money is re-assigned to the god. Farewell.

[B] Demetrios to Harpalos, greeting. It appears that the freedmen have previously offered bowls to the temple; but since there are more bowls than the god needs, let them offer some drinking-horns and cups instead of the bowls. Farewell.

[C] Demetrios to Harpalos, greeting. The priests of Herakles shall be free from all taxes, the same as the priests of Asklepios. Farewell. Year 3[6], 15th day of Dystros.

inscription 460

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