Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 553


Greek text:   FD_3.3.221
Date:     207/6 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

For a similar decree in honour of a hieromnemon from Chios, see Syll_545.

When Babylos [was archon] at Delphi, with the following men acting as hieromnemones:

10 with . . . acting as secretary of the hieromnemones.

It was resolved by the Amphictyons: since [Polyarchi]des of Chios, the son of Hermarchos, who was sent by the city [as their hieromnemon], has [performed] matters pertaining to the sacrifices well and splendidly, leaving nothing to be desired in [his honourable conduct], and paying great attention to piety [towards] the divinity; and he has taken care of the maintenance of the sacred offerings, [of the altar] and of everything else that has been dedicated by [the city] of Chios; 20 and along with [the other] hieromnemones, he has resolved some of the judicial cases, [and he judged the others] fairly according to the laws; and he has [continually] assisted all who arrive in the city, demonstrating the goodwill which he holds [towards] the Aetolian [nation] and the other Amphictyons; and in all his time of office he has continually helped the hieromnemones and others in many and great matters, 30 always saying and doing what is beneficial to the Amphictyons, and proving himself worthy of the city [of Chios] and of the Aetolians; therefore so that the league of the Amphictyons may be seen [to show proper gratitude] to its benefactors and to assign [them] rewards [worthy] of their honourable conduct, it is resolved [to praise] the city of Chios, because [it has sent] this man as its representative, [and to praise Polyarchides of Chios himself, 40 the son of] Hermachos, [and to crown him with a golden] crown [and with two bronze statues]; and to announce [the award of the crown] in the gymnastic contest [at the Soteria] and [in the theatre at the Dionysia], when the boys' [choruses are about] to be brought in, proclaiming that [the Amphictyons crown Polyarchides] of Chios, the son of Hermachos, with a golden [crown] and they will set up [two bronze] statues of him, one [in the temple] at Delphi 50 [and the other] in Chios, on account of his virtue and his [piety towards] the god and his continual goodwill towards the league of the Amphictyons. [He shall be granted] security and freedom from all [taxes] and priority in receiving justice and inviolability and [privileged seating] at all the games [that are held by the] Amphictyons, and all the other honours that [are given to] benefactors of the god and [the league of the] Amphictyons; and [these honours] shall also be given to his descendants. 60 Therefore [so that] this decree may be preserved for all time, [the decree] shall be inscribed on two steles; [one of them shall be set up] in Delphi by the altar [and the other] in Chios. The secretary of the hieromnemones [shall provide money for] the cost of [this].

inscription 553a

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