Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 554


Greek text:   IG_9.1².4
Date:     c. 206/5 B.C.
Tags:     inviolability
Format:   see key to translations

The decrees of various states and rulers, acknowledging the inviolability of Magnesia, form the largest surviving dossier of inscribed documents from the third century B.C.; for some other examples, see Syll_558-562. But despite this wealth of documentation, it is remarkably difficult to establish what happened when. The issues have been discussed at length by J.D.Sosin, "Magnesian Inviolability" ( PDF ), who concludes that this decree of the Aetolians should indeed be dated to 206/5 B.C., in accordance with the list of Aetolian generals compiled by J.D.Grainger.

When Agelaos of Naupaktos was general for the second time, and Polemarchos of (?) Thyriskai was hipparch and Skopas of Trichonion was secretary, it was resolved by the Aetolians: since the citizens of Magnesia on the Maiandros have sent Mnasiptolemos and Hipponikos as envoys to renew the friendship between us and their nation and to emphasise the goodwill that the Magnesians hold towards the Aetolian league, it is resolved to maintain our friendship with them and that their city and territory shall be sacred and inviolable, as the envoys have urged; no-one of the Aetolians or those who live in Aetolia shall be able to seize anyone from the territory of the Magnesians, from any direction whether by land or by sea; if anyone does seize someone, the general in office shall exact the penalty in obvious cases; in less obvious cases, the councillors shall impose a fine which seems suitable to them for those who have committed a crime against the state, and they shall be empowered to exact the penalty and hand it over to those who have been wronged. The Magnesians shall be given the right to vote as hieromnemones in the council of the Amphictyons. This decree shall be inscribed and set up in Thermon and in Delphi.

inscription 555

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