Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 561


Greek text:   Magnesia_19   ( I.Magn. 47 )
Date:     c. 207/6 B.C.
Tags:     games+festivals
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The reply of king Philippos to the envoys from Magnesia has not survived; so this reply of Chalkis is of interest, because it comes from a city under his control. It does not mention the inviolability of Magnesia. See M.D.Dixon, "Late Classical and Early Hellenistic Corinth: 338-196 BC", page 187 ( Google Books ).

As proposed by the generals: [concerning what] king Philippos has written to the council and the people concerning the inhabitants of Magnesia on the Maiandros, who being close associates of the Macedonians have requested that we accept the games with a prize of crowns that they are holding for Artemis Leukophryene; stating that he has agreed, and our citizens will do well to welcome the men who have been sent concerning these matters; in accordance with this, the men who have been appointed by the Magnesia to proclaim the games, namely Apollophanes son of Aischylos, Euboulos son of Anaxagoras, and Lykomedes son of Charasios, have come before us and after handing over the decree of the Magnesians have described the epiphany of the goddess and the services that have been rendered by their homeland to the other Greeks, and they have urged us the citizens to accept this and to enhance the honours that have been decreed to Artemis Leukophryene; therefore concerning these matters it is resolved by the council and the people to accept the Leukophryena games, which the inhabitant of Magnesia on the Maiandros are holding in honour of Artemis Leukophryene with a prize of crowns, equivalent to the Pythian games, as the theoroi sent by them have announced; and to grant the same rewards to the victors from Chalkis at these games, as are prescribed by law to be granted to the victors at the Pythian games; and to dispatch theoroi from the city, when the Leukophryena games are imminent, so that the Magnesians may give these theoroi the first fruits as established by law.

inscription 562

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