Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 653


Greek text:   IMT_550 ,   FD_3.1.218 ,   FD_3.4.430
Date:     c. 165 B.C.
Tags:     leagues
Format:   see key to translations

Inscription A was found among the ruins of the temple of Apollo Smintheus in Troas; B and C were found at Delphi. In C, Sylloge³ restored the name as "[Kassandros] of A[lexandria Troas], the son of Menestheus". It is recorded in Syll_585 (line 40) that Kassandros was made a proxenos of Delphi in 165 B.C.; but C can be dated to 158 B.C.

[A]   With good fortune. Kassandros son of Menestheus was honoured by:

[B]   Kassandros [of Alexandria Troas, the son of] Menestheus, was honoured on account of [his virtue] by:

[C]   With good fortune. [Since] . . . of A..., the son of Menestheus . . . and benefactor . . .

. . . [it is resolved by the city] of Delphi in [full] assembly, [with the votes as prescribed by law], that there shall be granted . . . [by] the city of Delphi . . . the temple, and privileged seating. [When the archon was Archon son of Kallias], and the members of the council for the first [half of the year] were [Athambos son of Athanion] and Athambos son of [Agathon, and the secretary was Peisitheos] son of Xenon.

inscription 654

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