Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 667


Greek text:   IG_2².956
Date:     161/0 B.C.
Tags:     victors+contestants
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The Theseia games at Athens, which are known from this and other inscriptions, have been discussed by G.R.Bugh, "The Theseia in Late Hellenistic Athens" ( PDF ). For lists of victors in other games of the second century B.C., see THI_61 .

[A] [As proposed by] Antidemos . . . son of Kleïppides: [since] Nikogenes [of Philaïdai], the son of Nikon, who was elected [by] the people [to be agonothete] of the Theseia [for the year] when Aristolas [was archon, held] a well-ordered [procession and performed] a sacrifice [to Theseus] in the traditional manner and took care of the torch [and the] gymnastic contest, ensuring that none of the contestants suffered [any wrong]; and he provided prizes for the contestants according to the decree of the people, lacking nothing in zeal; and he prepared prizes for the tribes that won the contests for cavalrymen and picked soldiers; and similarly he prepared prizes for the groups of foreigners, and he presented them; and he gave an attendance fee of 1200 drachmas to the council, and 100 drachmas to the prytaneis for the sacrifice; and he set up a stele in the precinct of Theseus, on which he inscribed the names of the victors; and he declares that on all of this he spent over one thousand six hundred and ninety drachmas; and he rendered an account of everything that he had managed to the accountants and the auditors in the Metroön; therefore, in order that the council and the people may be seen to commemorate those who act honourably towards them, and readily contribute to duties, with good fortune it is resolved by the council that the presidents who are allotted to preside at the next assembly shall raise this matter, and bring the recommendation of the council to the people, that it is resolved by the council to praise Nikogenes of Philaïdai, the son of Nikon, and to crown him with a [golden] crown as is customary, on account of his consistently good [and] honourable conduct concerning the [council] and the Athenian people; and that the award of the crown shall be announced at the city Dionysia in the contest of the new tragedians, and at the Panathenaia and Eleusinia and Ptolemaia in the gymnastic contests. The secretary of the prytany shall inscribe this decree on the [same] stele [as] the the names of the victors.

[B] The council and the people crown Nikogenes of Philaïdai, the son of Nikon.

[C] These were the victors in the Theseia games in the year [when Aristolas] was archon.

inscription 668

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