Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 669


Greek text:   IG_5.1.29
Date:     166-147 B.C.
Tags:     leagues
Format:   see key to translations

For an account of the history and institutions of the Acarnanian League, see K.Freitag in "Federalism in Greek Antiquity", pp.66-85 ( Google Books ). After 167 B.C., the Romans removed the island of Leukas from the league and its new capital was at Thyrrheion. This inscription was found at Sparta.

When Theodotos of Anaktorion, the son of Soton, was chief priest {hierapolos} of Aktian Apollo; and Kleandros of Anaktorion, the son of Lykiskos, was secretary of the council; and Sopatros of Anaktorion, the son of Sotion, was promnamon, and the assistant promnamones were:

in the month of Kourotropos, it was resolved by the council and the league of the Acarnanians, that the following Lakedaimonians shall the status of proxenoi and benefactors of the Acarnanians, according to the law: - both for themselves and for their descendants; they shall security and inviolability, both in war and in peacetime, and the right to own land and buildings, and all the other rights and privileges that are granted to other proxenoi and benefactors of the league of the Acarnanians.

inscription 670

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