Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 673


Greek text:   IG_12.3.103
Date:     c. 150-135 B.C.
Tags:     navies
Format:   see key to translations

It seems probable that this inscription refers to the Second Cretan War of 155-153 B.C. rather than the previous Cretan War of 204-201 B.C.   In that case, the island of Nisyros must have become part of the state of Rhodes in the first half of the second century B.C.; see C.Constantakopoulou, "The dance of the islands", pp.192-3 ( ). The Rhodian admirals who are mentioned at the end can be approximately dated - for instance Kleonaios is known to have been active in 201/0 B.C.; see M.Gonzales, "Lost Dedications Commemorating Rhodian Victory over Antiochos III", pp.173-4 ( PDF ). The inscription was set up by the grandchildren of the commander; and some of the names have been restored to match the names of a prominent family of this period in Nisyros.

. . . (?) Phileia daughter of Gnomagoras [on behalf of] her grandfather; Aris... and Timo and Aut... on behalf of their grandfather; and Onasiphon and son of Laisthenes . . . (?) Gnomagoras and Timasa [on behalf of] their grandfather, who was a commander in [the fleet] during the Cretan war in the year of Astymedes and was honoured by the people with praise, a golden crown, and privileged seating at the games that the Nisyrans hold, and he fought in the war [when] Kleonaios, Akesimbrotos and Eudamos were admirals; they dedicated this as a thank offering to Poseidon Argeios and Ares.   Epicharmos of Soloi made it.

inscription 674

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