Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 677


Greek text:   IG_14.315
Date:   146 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

"Indeed, that you may learn at the same time both the humanity and the justice of Publius Africanus, the Carthaginians had formerly taken the town of Himera, one of the first towns in Sicily for renown and for beauty. Scipio as he thought it a thing worthy of the Roman people, that, after the war was over, our allies should recover their property in consequence of our victory, took care, after Carthage had been taken, that everything which he could manage should be restored to all the Sicilians. As Himera had been destroyed, those citizens whom the disasters of the war had spared had settled at Thermae, on the border of the same district, and not far from their ancient town. They thought that they were recovering the fortune and dignity of their fathers, when those ornaments of their ancestors were being placed in the town of Thermae . . . Now (the statues) are placed in such places that it seems to me they will always seem to be Scipio's, and so they are called."   ( Cicero, Verr.2.2.86-87 )

[Publius] Cornelius [Scipio] Africanus, [son of Publius], consul, [brought back from Carthage] the [statues that had been seized] from Himera, and restored them [to the] Himeraians [of Thermai].

inscription 679

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