Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 690


Greek text:   Sylloge_690
Date:     c. 135 B.C.
Tags:     dionysiac_artists ,   victors+contestants
Format:   see key to translations

This is the only surviving list of contestants for the Winter Soteria games; the list is much shorter than the lists from the previous century for the main Soteria games ( see for instance Syll_424 ).   The phrase 'as a gift for the god' could mean that the Artists agreed to pay for the entire cost of the games, according to S.Aneziri, in "The Greek Theatre and Festivals: Documentary Studies", pp.73-75 ( Google Books ).

God. With good fortune.   When Politas son of Asandros, Nikaretos son of Antichares, and Polemon son of Polemarchos were sent by the city of Delphi as envoys to the league of {Dionysiac} Artists from the Isthmos and Nemea about the games of the Winter Soteria, requesting them to participate in the games this year for the god; the Artists complied with the request and sent the following men to participate in the games as a gift for the god:

inscription 691

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