Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 740


Greek text:   Syll_740
Date:     70-62 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Since this decree does not state that Hermokrates won any contests at the Pythian games, it appears that the intention was to maintain good relations with citizens of Smyrna - as Delphi had done since the 3rd century B.C. ( Syll_470 ) - rather than to reward an outstanding athletic performance.

For the date - when Agesilaos was archon at Delphi - see G.Daux, "Chronologie Delphique",  M29 ( cefael ).   Syllogeł suggested 58 B.C. as the date of the inscription.

Since Hermodoros son of Hermokrates the son of Hermodoros and his son Hermokrates, who came here for the Pythian games, have behaved in a fine and seemly manner, worthy of their own homeland and of our people, demonstrating good conduct in their mode of life; and Hermokrates, who was previously well-known for his virtue in athletics on account of his regular exercises, has now performed in the games in a manner worthy of his athletic prowess; and it is necessary that the city should take suitable forethought concerning good men; therefore with good fortune it is resolved by the city of Delphi to praise Hermodoros of Smyrna, the son of Hermokrates son of Hermodoros, and his son Hermokrates of Smyrna; and the city shall grant both to them and to their descendants proxeny, priority in access to the oracle, priority in receiving justice, inviolability, freedom from taxes, privileged seating at all the games that the city holds, and [all] the other honours that are given to other proxenoi and benefactors of the city; and they shall be invited to hospitality at the public hearth of the city. When Agesilaos was archon, and the members of the council were Herakleidas, Nikandros and Kleomantis.

inscription 741

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