Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 750


Greek text:   SEG_20.730
Date:     c. 67 B.C.
Tags:     saviours
Format:   see key to translations

In 75 B.C., the Roman senate sent the quaestor P.Lentulus Marcellinus to the new province of Cyrenaica.   In 67 B.C., Cn.Lentulus Marcellinus, who may have been his brother, visited Cyrene while acting as a legate of Pompeius in the war against the pirates; see T.C.Brennan, "The Praetorship in the Roman Republic", pp.408-409 ( Google Books ).

The Cyrenians honour Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus Marcellinus, son of Publius, legatus propraetor, their patron and saviour.

inscription 751

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