Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 760


Greek text:   Ephesos_ 948   ( I.Eph. 251 )
Date:     48 B.C.
Tags:     saviours
Format:   see key to translations

Caesar went to Ephesos after the battle of Pharsalus. There he received envoys from the states of Asia Minor, and remitted some of their tax payments; see G.M.Rogers, "The Sacred Identity of Ephesos", p. 7 ( Google Books ).

This is the earliest of many documents recording divine honours given to Roman emperors in the Greek east. Caesar encouraged the process by his claim that that, as a member of the Gens Julia, he was descended from the goddess Venus. He made no claim to be descended from Mars, but Mars was said to be the father of Romulus, and through him the ancestor of the Roman people.

The cities and peoples and tribes in Asia honour Gaius Julius Caesar, son of Gaius, the high priest and imperator and consul for a second time, the manifest god descended from Ares and Aphrodite, and the common saviour of humankind.

inscription 761

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