Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 770


Greek text:   FD 3.1.487 , FD 3.1.490
Date:     30-25 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Parts of seven decrees in honour of Diodoros have survived on a monument at Delphi. Most of them are fragmentary, but apart from the two shown below, another two can be identified as coming from the Thessalian league and from Thespiai. B is one of the few pieces of evidence that survive for the history of the Dorian league; see D.Rousset, in "Federalism in Greek Antiquity", pp.223-225 ( Google Books ).

[A]   When Polemarchos was archon.   The ephors and the city of Lakedaimon [to the magistrates and the] city [ of Delphi ], greetings. [We have sent] to you a copy [of the decree] given [by us to Diodoros] son of Dorotheos, your [citizen].

Since Diodoros [of Delphi, son of Dorotheos], who is a fine and noble man and is kindly [disposed towards] our people, has provided [much] assistance to us, [both publicly and privately] to those of our [citizens] who made requests to him, lacking nothing in [zeal] and honourable conduct; and [now good reports of him have been made] by many of our citizens; therefore [so that it may be evident to everyone] that our people [acknowledges] fine [and noble men] who do what [is just] on every occasion. . .

[B]   When [Polemarchos was archon].   Charigenes, the archon { doriarch } [ of the league of Dorians ] of the metropolis, [to the magistrates and the] city of Delphi, greetings. We have sent to you a [copy], written [below, of the honours] granted [by the] league of Dorians to Diodoros son of Dorotheos, [your citizen].

When Ch[arigenes] son of (?) Alexon was archon { doriarch } of the Dorians, and (?) Lysias of Boion, son of Euxitheos, was secretary [of the council]; it was [resolved] by all the Dorians [in full assembly], that there shall be granted [by the] league of Dorians to Diodoros [of Delphi], son of Dorotheos, [and to his] descendants: citizenship with equal status, the right of grazing, the right [of owning land and buildings], security in war and in peacetime, and all [the other] privileges which the other proxenoi [have]. From the league of Dorians.   Guarantors [of the proxeny] : Lamprias son of Xenytas, Phoibidas son of Timo..., . . . son of Lamprias.

inscription 771

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