Ancient Egyptian Texts:  7.21


Text:   P.Tor.Botti 36
Provenance:   Deir el-Medina
Date:   100 B.C.
Script:   Demotic
Translated by:   L. Uggetti
Format:   see key to translations

This document is part of the Archive of Totoes and Tatehathyris. It records a five-year contract, back-dated to 1 Tybi of year 14, three months before the document was written.

The translation is taken partly from L. Uggetti, "The Agents of Hathor in P.Tor.Botti and the Ptolemaic Temple of Deir el-Medina", section 4 ( BIFAO, 2021 ), and partly from the French translation by the same author, "Les archives bilingues de Totoès et de Tatéhathyris", pp.334-341 ( PDF ).

Year 14, day 3 of month Pharmouthi, of the reign of king Ptolemy (l.p.h.) called Alexander (l.p.h.) Philometor, and of Cleopatra (l.p.h.) called Berenice (l.p.h.), and of Alexander (l.p.h.) her step-son, the priests of the Beneficent gods, the Father-loving gods, the Manifest gods, the god who exalts his father { Eupator }, of the Mother-loving god, and of the Father-loving god, 5 with the kanephoros of Arsinoe (l.p.h.) the Father-loving, being in accordance with those established in Alexandria and Ptolemais in the province of Thebes.  

The scribe, the pastophoros of Amon of Djeme, the divine servant of Hathor the queen of the west, and the divine servant, priest and pastophoros in charge of every function and duty for the royal scribe Amenothes son of Hapu, Amenothes son of Chestephnachthis and Senesis, the agent of Hathor the great goddess, has declared before Hathor the queen of the west of Djeme, the great goddess, 10 and before the pastophoros of Amon of Djeme and divine servant of Hathor the queen of the west, Snachomneus the eldest son of Chesthotes, and the similarly titled Totoes son of Zmanres, and the similarly titled Zmanres son of Pikos, and the similarly titled Amenothes son of Teos, and the similarly titled Onnophris son of Psenminis, and the similarly titled Pagonis son of Amenothes, that is six persons, the elders of the priests of Hathor:

You entrusted to me the collection-box of the forecourt of the temple of Hathor and the two collection-boxes of the village from regnal year 17 which corresponds to regnal year 14, Tybi, day 1 to regnal year 22 which corresponds to regnal year 19, 15 Choiak, last day, that is 5 years, that is 60 5/6 months, that is again 5 years. And I shall attend to the collection of the village according to the custom every year in the period mentioned above. And I shall give your quarter of the money and of the grain of which I will take delivery on behalf of Hathor in the period mentioned above every month. And I shall use the other three quarters for maintenance expenditures, expenses and provisions likewise according to the custom every year, and the silver and the gold which will be given for covering with gold the shrine of Hathor, while I will not make maintenance expenditures or expenses without asking you. 20 And I shall bring the ledger of Hathor before you on the day on which you will demand it from me. When regnal year 22 which corresponds to regnal year 19, Choiak, last day, the completion of the five years mentioned above, comes, I shall leave the collection-boxes mentioned above to you and you will entrust them to whom you will want to entrust them. I will not be able to say: "It is a fiduciary agreement that has been extended for a year." And I shall act towards you according to it at any date. The one of us who will refuse to act according to everything mentioned above, he will give 3,000 deben, that is 10 talents, that is again 3,000 deben 25 in front of Hathor and will give another 3,000 deben for the holocausts of the sovereigns (l.p.h.), while one can still assert a claim against him in order to force him to act according to everything mentioned above of necessity, without delay and without any obstruction.

{Docket}   The contract which Amenothes son of Chestephnachthis, the agent of Hathor, has made for the benefit of the priests of Hathor, for five years.

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