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List of Sources and Abbeviations
Additional Translations
Aelian: Fragments
Aelian: On the Nature of Animals
Alcidamas: On the Sophists
Alexander Romance
Anonymous, History of Alexander (fragments)
Ancient Authors, by Date
Ancient Egyptian Texts
Antipater of Sidon: Epigrams
Antipater of Thessalonica: Epigrams
Antiphilus: Epigrams
Apollodorus: Chronicle (fragments)
Apollonides: Epigrams
Life of Apollonius of Rhodes
Apuleius: Florida
Life of Aratus of Soli
Archias: Epigrams
Archons of Athens and Delphi (300-151 B.C.)
Letter of Aristeas (Greek text)
Letter of Aristeas (translation)
Aristonous: Paean to Apollo
Ptolemy, Life of Aristotle
Armenian Historical Sources (Robert Bedrosian)
Armenians in the Byzantine Empire (P.Charanis)
Arrianus (fragments)
Arrianus, Anabasis : links to translation
Artemidorus, On Dreams (excerpts)
Asclepiades: Epigrams
Asconius: Commentary on five speeches of Cicero (Latin Text)
Astronomical Canon
Athenaeus: Deipnosophists
Attic Orators : links to translation
Cornelius Nepos: Life of Atticus
Nicolaus: Life of Augustus
Augustus on the funeral games of Julius Caesar

Background Information
Bianor: Epigrams

Julian: The Caesars
Some ancient Calendars
Callimachus on the Telchines
Callimachus: Epigrams
Callimachus: Hecale
Charax of Pergamum (fragments)
Greek Chronicles
Chronicon Paschale
Chronographeion Syntomon
Chronological Tables (Robert Bedrosian)
Cicero: Academica
Cicero: Brutus
Cicero: De Oratore
Cicero: Letters to & from Cassius
Cicero: On the Republic
Cicero: Speeches
Cicero: Topica
Cicero: Tusculan Disputations
CIL (Latin inscriptions)
Cleonides: Harmonic Introduction
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Concordance of Greek inscriptions, sorted by region
Concordance of Original Editions of Papyri
Consolation to Livia
Cornelius Nepos: Great Generals of Foreign Nations
Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum
Crinagoras: Epigrams
Babylonian Cuneiform Texts
Miscellaneous Cuneiform Texts
Curtius : links to translation

Porphyrius: Comments on Daniel
Archons of Athens and Delphi (300-151 B.C.)
Concordance of Greek Inscriptions: Delphi
Demetrius: On Style
Demosthenes : links to translations of Speeches
Didascaliae of Terence
Diodorus Siculus: Historical Library (Book 33-40)
Diogenes Laertius: Lives of the Philosophers (Book 7)
Diogenes Laertius: Lives of the Philosophers (Book 10)
Dionysius of Halicarnassus: Deinarchus
Dioscorides: Epigrams
Decrees in honour of Greek doctors
Documents: inscriptions and papyri

Egyptian Inscriptions
Ancient Egyptian texts
Chronological list of translated Egyptian texts
Literary Papyri: Elegiac and Iambic Poems
Elegies on Maecenas
Latin Inscriptions: Elogia
Ennius: Annales (fragments)
Ennius: Annales (Latin text)
Epicurus: Fragments
Greek Epigrams
Erinna: Distaff
Eupolis: The Demes
Eusebius: Chronicle
Eusebius' Chronicle (Robert Bedrosian)
Excerpta Latina Barbari
Exsuperantius (Latin text)
Exsuperantius (translation)

Fasti Capitolini : Roman Magistrates
Fasti Triumphales : Roman Triumphs
Fasti Praenestini
Fasti from the Reigns of Augustus and Tiberius
Festus: Breviarium (translation)
First Century B.C. (events and references)
Fourth Century B.C. (events and references)
Fronto : links to translation

Galen on the library at Alexandria
Geographical Labels
Geoponica (Robert Bedrosian)
Georgian Chronicle (Robert Bedrosian)
Glossary of technical terms in documents
Granius Licinianus
Greek Anthology
Greek Chronicles
Fragments of Greek Historians
Greek Inscriptions: Sylloge

Other Hellenistic Inscriptions
Lives of the Hellenistic Poets
Hieronymus ( St.Jerome ): Chronicle
Hippolytus: Chronicon
Hittite, Hurrian & Urartian ( Robert Bedrosian )
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Iguvine Tablets
Index of Names
Index of References
Concordance of Greek inscriptions
Documents: inscriptions and papyri
Greek Interstate Arbitration
Isidorus and others: Hymns to Isis
Isyllus: Paean to Asclepius

Jerome: Chronicle
Jerome: Commentary on Daniel
Josephus: Jewish Antiquities (books 12-14)
Josephus: Jewish War (book 1)
Julian: Misopogon
Julian: The Caesars
Justinus: Epitome of Pompeius Trogus -
    Books   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16
    Books   17   18   19   20   21   22   23   24   25   26   27   28   29   30
    Books   31   32   33   34   35   36   37   38   39   40   41   42   43   44

Kingdom of Cilician Armenia (S. Der Nersessian)

Latin Inscriptions: CIL
Latin Inscriptions: Epitaphs
Latin Texts
Leonidas: Epigrams
Directors of the library at Alexandria
Anonymous Life of Aeschines
List of Sources and Abbeviations
Lives of the Hellenistic Poets
Livy: Fragments (Latin Text)
Livy: Oxyrrhyncus Epitome (Latin Text)
[Longinus]: On the Sublime
[Lucian]: Hippias (The Bath)
[Lucian]: Long Lives (Macrobii)
[Lucian]: Lucius (The Ass)
Lucillius: Epigrams
Life of Lycophron

1 Maccabees (First Book)
2 Maccabees (Second Book)
3 Maccabees (Third Book)
4 Maccabees (Fourth Book)
Lucian: Macrobii
Magistrates of the Roman Republic (PDF of vol. 2)
A Maiden's Lament (Greek mime)
Johannes Malalas
Manumission of Slaves at Delphi
Marcus Argentarius: Epigrams
Marmor Parium
Megillat Taanit (Scroll of Fasts)
Meleager: Epigrams
Memnon: History of Heracleia
Life of Menander
Menander: Perikeiromene
Panegyric of Messalla
Julian: Misopogon

Naevius (text and translation)
Index of Names
Nepos: Life of Atticus
Nepos: Great Generals of Foreign Nations
Nicander: Alexipharmaca
Nicander: Georgica
Nicander: Theriaca
Nicarchus: Epigrams
Nicolaus: Autobiography
Nicolaus: Life of Augustus
Life of Nicander

Obsequens: Book of Prodigies
OGIS (Greek Inscriptions)
Attic Orators : links to translation
Orosius: Histories
Overview of the Sources

Documents: inscriptions and papyri
Select Papyri
P.Haun. 6
P.Köln 247
Philippus: Epigrams
Philochorus: Atthis (fragments)
Philodamus: Paean to Dionysus
Philodemus: On Hellenistic Philosophers
Phlegon (fragments)
Phlegon: Mirabilia (chapter 3)
Phoenician Inscriptions
Phylarchus: Fragments
Pliny the Elder: Natural History
Pliny the Younger: Letters
Plutarch: Greek Lives
Plutarch: Lives of the Ten Orators
Plutarch: Moralia (list of contents)
Plutarch: Sayings of kings and commanders
Greek & Latin Poetry in translation
Polyaenus: Stratagems
Porphyrius: Comments on Daniel
Poseidonius: Fragments

Index of References
Royal Correspondence in the Hellenistic Period

Sallustius (Sallust): Historiae (Latin Text)
Sallustius (Sallust): Histories (translation)
Scholia Bobiensia (Latin Text)
Scholia Bobiensia (translation)
Search Ancient Texts (Google)
Select Papyri
Second Century B.C. (events and references)
Secular Games of Augustus
Seneca : Suasoriae
Silius Italicus : links to translation
Simonides: Epigrams
Sosylus (fragments)
List of Sources and Abbeviations
A note on Spelling of Greek names
Stephanus (excerpt on Alexandria)
Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum (Inscriptions)
Sylloge (Greek Inscriptions)
Symbols used to describe Events
Symbols used to describe References
George Syncellus: List of Jewish High Priests

Teles the Cynic (Greek text)
Teles the Cynic (translation of extracts)
Life of Theocritus
Third Century B.C. (events and references)
Timotheus: Persae
Topics in Hellenistic Greek Inscriptions
List of sources and translations
Fasti Triumphales : Roman Triumphs
Tzetzes: On Comedy (extract)

Umbrian Tablets of Iguvium
Hittite, Hurrian & Urartian ( Robert Bedrosian )

Valerius Maximus: Memorable Deeds and Sayings
Varro, De Lingua Latina : links to translation

What's new?

Xenophon : links to translations

Letters from the Zenon Archive
Zenon of Rhodes (Fragment ?)

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