Which events, references and sources are excluded?

The lists of events and references are by no means complete. The following categories have been deliberately omitted.

"Private" events described in only one source that have no political or cultural significance - a typical example would be an event described in a papyrus document of a purely personal nature.

Events which happened every year - for instance, the Romans elected new consuls every year, but the elections are not listed here unless some unusual circumstance is recorded about them.

Short references, if there are already a lot of references for an event - to be precise, references under a line long if there are already at least 10 references for an event.

Multiple references from the same source - there is usually a maximum of six references per event from one source.

Sources for which an English translation is not easily available (for instance, from an internet bookseller). Where appropriate, new translations have been provided for some sources.

Sources which were written after 1000 AD. One exception is Zonaras, who wrote in about 1140 A.D. but paraphrased long sections from the earlier history by Dio Cassius which have not survived.

Sundry other sources which do not appear in the list of sources These may be included later.

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