Memnon: History of Heracleia

Very little is known about Memnon; he may have lived in the first century A.D. He wrote a local history of the city of Heracleia Pontica, an important Greek colony on the south coast of the Black Sea. Excerpts from this history have been preserved by the Byzantine scholar Photius, and give an interesting account of the rise and fall of an outpost of Greek civilisation. The surviving portion of the history covers the period from the tyrant Clearchus (364-353 B.C.) down to the capture of the city by the Romans (70 B.C.)

Chapters 1-21   Greek text   English translation     Heracleia in the 4th - 2nd centuries B.C.
Chapters 22-40     Greek text   English translation   The war against Mithridates

map of Heracleia

  Heracleia and surrounding area in Hellenistic times

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