Links to translations of the Attic Orators

The surviving speeches of the Attic orators of the 5th and 4th centuries B.C. are available online in Perseus under Philologic 3. The following tables contain links to the English translations of the speeches of each orator. Links to the Greek text of the speeches are also provided. The Speeches of Demosthenes are listed separately.

Orators:   Aeschines - Andocides - Antiphon - Demades - Dinarchus - Hypereides - Isaeus - Isocrates - Lycurgus - Lysias


Translated by C.D.Adams

1 Against Timarchus   Greek
2 On the Embassy   Greek
3 Against Ctesiphon   Greek


Translated by K.J.Maidment

1 On the Mysteries   Greek
2 On His Return   Greek
3 On the Peace with Sparta   Greek
4 Against Alcibiades   Greek


Translated by K.J.Maidment

1 Prosecution Of The Stepmother For Poisoning   Greek
2 First Tetralogy: Prosecution for Murder   Greek
3 Second Tetralogy: Prosecution for Accidental Homicide   Greek
4 Third Tetralogy: Prosecution for Murder Of One Who Pleads Self-Defence   Greek
5 On the Murder of Herodes   Greek
6 On the Choreutes   Greek


Translated by J.O.Burtt

1 On the Twelve Years   Greek


Translated by J.O.Burtt

1 Against Demosthenes   Greek
2 Against Aristogiton   Greek
3 Against Philocles   Greek


Translated by J.O.Burtt

1 In Defence of Lycophron   Greek
1a Second Speech In Defence of Lycophron   Greek
2 Against Philippides   Greek
3 Against Athenogenes   Greek
4 In Defence of Euxenippus   Greek
5 Against Demosthenes   Greek
6 Funeral Speech   Greek


Translated by E.W.Forster

1 On The Estate of Cleonymus   Greek
2 On the Estate of Menecles   Greek
3 On The Estate Of Pyrrhus   Greek
4 On the Estate of Nicostratus   Greek
5 On the Estate of Dicaeogenes   Greek
6 On the Estate of Philoctemon   Greek
7 On The Estate of Apollodorus   Greek
8 On The Estate of Ciron   Greek
9 On the Estate of Astyphilus   Greek
10 On The Estate Of Aristarchus   Greek
11 On the Estate of Hagnias   Greek
12 On Behalf of Euphiletus   Greek


Translated by G.Norlin and L.Van Hook

1 To Demonicus   Greek
2 To Nicocles   Greek
3 Nicocles or the Cyprians   Greek
4 Panegyricus   Greek
5 To Philip   Greek
6 Archidamus   Greek
7 Areopagiticus   Greek
8 On the Peace   Greek
9 Euagoras   Greek
10 Helen   Greek
11 Busiris   Greek
12 Panathenaicus   Greek
13 Against the Sophists   Greek
14 Plataicus   Greek
15 Antidosis   Greek
16 Concerning the Team of Horses   Greek
17 Trapeziticus   Greek
18 Against Callimachus   Greek
19 Aegineticus   Greek
20 Against Lochites   Greek
21 Against Euthynus   Greek


Translated by J.O.Burtt

1 Against Leocrates   Greek


Translated by W.R.M.Lamb

1 On the Murder of Eratosthenes   Greek
2 Funeral Oration   Greek
3 Against Simon   Greek
4 On a Wound by Premeditation   Greek
5 For Callias   Greek
6 Against Andocides   Greek
7 On the Olive Stump   Greek
8 Accusation of Calumny   Greek
9 For the Soldier   Greek
10 Against Theomnestus 1   Greek
11 Against Theomnestus 2   Greek
12 Against Eratosthenes   Greek
13 Against Agoratus   Greek
14 Against Alcibiades 1   Greek
15 Against Alcibiades 2   Greek
16 For Mantitheus   Greek
17 On the Property of Eraton   Greek
18 On the Confiscation of the Property of the Brother of Nicias   Greek
19 On the Property of Aristophanes   Greek
20 For Polystratus   Greek
21 Defence against a Charge of Taking Bribes   Greek
22 Against the Corn Dealers   Greek
23 Against Pancleon   Greek
24 On the Refusal of a Pension   Greek
25 Defence against a Charge of subverting the Democracy   Greek
26 On the Scrutiny of Evandros   Greek
27 Against Epicrates and his Fellow Envoys   Greek
28 Against Ergocles   Greek
29 Against Philocrates   Greek
30 Against Nicomachus   Greek
31 Against Philon   Greek
32 Against Diogeiton   Greek
33 Olympic Oration   Greek
34 Against the Subversion of the Ancestral Constitution of Athens   Greek

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