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A Roman with busts of his ancesters 
 - first century B.C.

This is a short list of the most important websites which contain sources for Greek and Roman history. Of course the list is very incomplete; and sites which display translations without any chapter numbers or other clear text divisions have been ignored.

Forum Romanum A comprehensive list of texts and translations of Latin authors, some of which are available on the same site. The first place to go when looking for a Latin author on the web.
Lacus Curtius An important resource for all aspects of Roman history, with translations of major historians - Polybius, Dio Cassius and many others.
Livius Many informative articles on topics across the whole range of ancient history; particularly noteworthy are the new translations of Babylonian Chronicles of the Hellenistic period.
McAdams Major Latin historians - Caesar, Livy, Tacitus - presented in a simple but accessible format. Texts and translations of papyri, including the Tebtunis Papyri.
Perseus A large collection of Greek and Latin authors, both in translation and in the original language.
Poetry in Translation   A good selection of Greek and Latin poets in new translations.
Philippe Remacle Translations into French of Greek and Latin authors - including some not available in English.
Sacred Texts A wide and varied range of translations, including almost all the works of Lucian.
Suda On Line A Byzantine "encyclopaedia", translated into English for the first time.
Tertullian Contains translations of hard-to-find early Christian and Byzantine books, such as Photius' "Bibliotheca".
The Latin Library The largest collection of Latin texts on the web.
Theoi Loeb translations of many Greek and Latin authors who wrote about mythology.
Wikisource Growing rapidly; especially useful for Jewish and early Christian literature.

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