Cicero: On the Republic

The De Re Publica of Cicero was clearly inspired by the Republic of Plato, but rather than discussing an imaginary republic, Cicero chose to concentrate on the real example of the Roman republic. The work takes the form of a dialogue, set in the year 129 B.C., and is divided into six books.

Although the work was very influential, and was quoted by many early Christian writers, no complete manuscript has survived; but a palimpsest contains large portions of Books 1-3; and the Somnium Scipionis in Book 6 has been preserved as part of a commentary by Macrobius.

This English translation is by C.W.Keyes (1928), and the Latin text can be found in Perseus.

Book 1 Latin text 1.1-37 English translation  
1.38-71 English translation  
Book 2 Latin text 2.1-70 English translation  
Book 3 Latin text 3.1-48 English translation  
Book 4 Latin text 4.1-13 English translation  
Book 5 Latin text 5.1-11 English translation  
Book 6 Latin text 6.1-29 English translation  

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