Links to translation of Stephanus of Byzantium

The large gazetteer of ancient place names compiled by Stephanus of Byzantium, which was previously unlikely to be found anywhere except in specialist libraries, is now mostly available on, with a German translation by M. Billerbeck (2006-2017). Because of its size, the table below has been provided to make navigation a bit easier. The entries are arranged in Greek alphabetical order. The last volume (Φ-Ω) is not yet available on; the links for Φ & Χ point to Google Books, and the links for Ψ & Ω point to the edition by A. Meineke (Greek only).

Α Alpha1
Ακ Alpha2
Αξ Alpha3
Β Beta
Γ Gamma
Δ Delta
Ε Epsilon
Ζ Zeta
Η Eta
Θ Theta
Ι Iota
Κ Kappa
Λ Lambda
Μ Mu
Ν Nu
Ξ Xi
Ο Omicron
Π Pi
Ρ Rho
Σ Sigma
Τ Tau
Υ Upsilon
Φ Phi
Χ Chi
Ψ Psi
Ω Omega

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