Seneca: Suasoriae

The 'Suasoriae' and 'Controversiae' of Seneca the Elder are the main source of information about the practice of Declamation in the early Roman empire. In his old age, probably not long before 40 A.D., Seneca wrote his reminiscences of declamations that he had heard during the reigns of Augustus and Tiberius. Suasoria 6 also contains some useful excerpts from other writers, describing the character and death of Cicero.

This English translation of the Suasoriae is by W.A. Edward (Cambridge, 1928). The Latin text, as edited by A.G. Kiessling (Teubner, 1872), can be found in Perseus under Philologic.

Suasoria 1 Latin text Alexander and the Ocean
Suasoria 2 Latin text 300 Spartans
Suasoria 3 Latin text Agamemnon and Iphigenia
Suasoria 4 Latin text Alexander and Babylon
Suasoria 5 Latin text Athenians and Xerxes
Suasoria 6 Latin text Cicero and Antony
Suasoria 7 Latin text Cicero's writings

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