Key to notation used in translations

[ 1 ] Chapter or section number.   It is possible to link directly to this point from another web page; for instance, the url translation.html#12 will go directly to chapter 12 of the translation.
{ 2 } Alternative chapter or section number
[ square brackets ] Letters or words supplied by modern editors, to fill a gap or omission in the text
{ curly brackets }   Explanation of a phrase in the translation
italics Words added to the translation, to make the meaning clear
(?) The text or meaning of the following phrase is uncertain.
. . . Several letters or words missing from text
* * * Several lines or pages, either missing from text or deliberately omitted
dark red font Transliterated Greek or Latin word
blue font Link to definition of word (usually in wikipedia or the index of names)
{ book_title } Link to full translation of a quoted passage
# Link to list of other ancient sources for an event
G   L Link to Greek or Latin text of a chapter or section
E Link back to English translation of a chapter or section

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