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  Acragas   - Greek city on the south coast of Sicily
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  + Agrigentum
314/6 The inhabitants of Acragas summon Acrotatus the Spartan to be their
314/14 crotatus is forced to escape from Acragas after murdering Sostratus.
314/20 agrees peace terms with the cities of Acragas, Gela, and Messene.
309/13 Acragas and other cities gain their freedom after the death of Hamilc
307/20 eptines defeats Xenodocus, and puts an end to the revolt by Acragas.
280/18 Hicetas of Syracuse defeats Phintias of Acragas.
278/10 se; but the Syracusans call on Sosistratus of Acragas to oppose him.
277/1 Pyrrhus takes control of Acragas and thirty other cities which previo
264/7 Acragas enters into an alliance with Carthage.
263/13 arthaginians raise fresh forces, and concentrate them at Agrigentum.
262/4 The Romans set up camp in front of Agrigentum.
262/5 The Romans defeat a Carthaginian sally at Agrigentum.
261/1 Syracusan and Gallic mercenaries plot to betray Agrigentum.
261/2 The Romans defeat the Carthaginians, and capture Agrigentum.
261/3 News of the capture of Agrigentum arrives at Rome.
254/10 The Carthaginian general Carthalo captures Acragas.
210/12 Laevinus captures Agrigentum.
204/17 Scipio draws up laws for Agrigentum.
81/6 ROL_p138, an inscription in honour of Pompeius at Agrigentum.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_9.64   kable water. And Empedocles of Agrigentum asserts [fr. 66
Athen_2.37   was a certain house at Acragas called the Trireme, on
Athen_12.541   that "the citizens of Acragas prepared for Gelon a very
Athen_13.602   Peisistratidae; and at Acragas in Sicily, the mutual lov
Cic:Rep_3.45   commonwealth at Syracuse or at Agrigentum or at Athens when those
Diod_34.2   verran the city of Agrigentum and all the neighbouring cou
Euseb]:Chron_203   416 B.C.] - Exagentus of Acragas, stadion race 92nd [412
Naev:Pun_25   rhaps as far as the capture of Agrigentum, 262 B.C. [27]
Oros_4.7   4 The consuls besieged Agrigentum, a city of Sicily, and
Oros_4.18   took the Sicilian city of Agrigentum by storm and there made
Phld:Acad_34   and . . . of Acragas, Melanthius son of Aeschines, Lysimachus
Polyaen_5.1.1-3 *   ris. The people of Acragas decided to build a temple to
Polyaen_5.10.4   he was besieging Acragas, Himilco encamped not far from
Polyaen_6.51.1   kept some men of Acragas in his pay, who were ready to
PsCallisth_1.45   came to the people of Acragas and there entered the shr
THI_64   (263-236)   ;   D[rak]on of Akragas the son of Charilaos &
THI_194.B   (c. 100-50) safety of the people of Akragas, it is resolved that Demetrios
ValMax_3.3e.2   in liberty, he went to Agrigentum, then groaning under a most
ValMax_4.8e.2   add to him Gillias of Agrigentum, who may be thought to

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