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  Aegeus   - son of Pandion; ancient king of Athens, and father of Theseus
Wikipedia entry
Athen_13.556   Thestius of their virginity. Aegeus also was a man of
Athen_13.585   ing, she said- & To dwell with Aegeus, great Pandion's son
Callim:Hec_T1   close watch by his father, Aegeus, seeing that the lad was
Callim:Hec_232-235 *   erstood that it was the son of Aegeus. [233] & Hold back,
Callim:Hec_260   his message to my father Aegeus - for he shall relieve him
Euseb]:Chron_61   eia of Colchis left king Aegeus; her son was Medus, [p63]
Euseb]:Chron_185   rred in his reign. Aegeus, the son of Pandion, for 48 year
Just_2.6   ere instituted. 14 Aegeus also, the father of Theseus, was
Just_42.2   Medus, whom she had by Aegeus king of the Athenians; and

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AnthPal_7.624 swallowed in your surges Aegeus and Labeo, with their shor

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