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  Agathocles   - tyrant and king of Syracuse, 317-289 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
323/51 Agathocles goes to Croton and Tarentum, but is forced to leave both
322/13 Agathocles helps to defend Rhegium, when it is attacked by Sostratus
321/7 Agathocles returns to Syracuse after the expulsion of Sostratus.
321/15 Agathocles rescues a Syracusan force which is attacked by Sostratus
320/18 Acestorides expels Agathocles from Syracuse.
319/14 Agathocles captures Leontini with an army from Morgantina.
319/15 Agathocles returns from exile with help from Hamilcar, and is appoint
317/16 Agathocles gathers an army of supporters, supposedly for a campaign
316/8 Agathocles stages a coup and massacres his opponents at Syracuse.
316/9 Agathocles is appointed sole general: the beginning of his reign
315/19 Agathocles attacks Messene.
314/6 summon Acrotatus the Spartan to be their general against Agathocles.
314/20 Agathocles agrees peace terms with the cities of Acragas, Gela, and
312/4 Agathocles captures Messene (? and Tauromenium).
311/11 Agathocles enters Gela and massacres his opponents there.
311/18 Carthaginians under Hamilcar defeat Agathocles by the river Himera.
311/25 Agathocles escapes to Gela, where he beats off a Carthaginian attack.
310/1 Hamilcar defeats Agathocles in a second battle, at the Olympium near
310/12 Agathocles sails out of Syracuse after arranging for the defence
310/13 eclipse of the sun alarms Agathocles' men.
310/14 Agathocles lands at Latomiae in Africa.
310/15 Agathocles burns his boats.
310/21 Agathocles captures Megalopolis and Tunis.
310/24 Agathocles defeats a Carthaginian army under Hanno and Bomilcar.
310/26 their army from Sicily, but Agathocles captures Hadrumetum and other
310/29 Agathocles makes a surprise attack on the Carthaginian army near Tuni
309/14 Agathocles threatens suicide to stop a mutiny in his after, after the
309/16 Agathocles narrowly defeats the Carthaginian army in a battle in the
308/1 Agathocles founds the city of Aspis as a naval base.
308/3 rene, brings an army to help Agathocles in the war against Carthage.
308/13 Agathocles murders Ophellas and wins over his army.
308/19 Agathocles sends home the booty he has gathered in his African campai
307/1 Agathocles captures Utica.
307/5 Agathocles leaves his son Archagathus in charge of the army in Africa
307/13 Deinocrates rallies resistance in Sicily against Agathocles.
307/19 Agathocles defeats the Carthaginian fleet off Syracuse.
307/21 Agathocles invites his opponents to a banquet at Syracuse, and has
307/24 Agathocles is defeated by the Carthaginians in a battle which is foll
307/25 Agathocles secretly returns to Sicily, abandoning his army.
307/26 soldiers kill Archagathus and Heracleides, the sons of Agathocles.
307/27 The remainder of Agathocles' army agrees terms with the Carthaginians
306/2 Agathocles sacks the city of Segesta.
306/3 Agathocles punishes the families of soldiers from Syracuse who took
306/15 The breakdown of negotiations between Deinocrates and Agathocles.
306/18 Agathocles agrees to peace terms with the Carthaginians.
305/14 Agathocles defeats Deinocrates at Torgium.
305/19 Deinocrates deserts his allies, and becomes a general of Agathocles.
304/13 Agathocles massacres the inhabitants of Leontini.
304/14 Agathocles attacks the Lipara islands.
300/5 Agathocles captures Corcyra.
300/15 Agathocles attacks Ithaca.
297/12 The Bruttii attack Agathocles by night at Ethae, and force him to ret
295/19 ries Lanassa the daughter of Agathocles, and is given Corcyra as her
295/22 Agathocles captures Croton, and slaughters its male inhabitants.
294/20 The Bruttii defeat the garrison left behind by Agathocles.
293/14 Agathocles attacks the Bruttii and captures Hipponium.
289/3 Agathocles sends his son to arrange an alliance with Demetrius.
289/5 Agathocles is forced by ill health to withdraw from Italy.
288/2 Death of Agathocles son of Agathocles, allegedly murdered by Archagat
288/2 ocles, allegedly murdered by Archagathus the grandson of Agathocles.
288/3 Agathocles enlists the Mamertines as mercenaries.
288/4 Agathocles breaks an oath, in order to slaughter some of his enemies.
288/5 Agathocles embellishes Syracuse with new public buildings.
288/6 Agathocles tries to disguise his baldness by wearing a wreath of myrt
288/7 Sayings of Agathocles, alluding to his origins as a potter, and in
288/8 General remarks on the character and career of Agathocles.
288/9 The death of Agathocles, king of Syracuse.

  Agathocles 2   - son of Agathocles; died shortly before his father
288/2 Death of Agathocles son of Agathocles, allegedly murdered by Archagat

  Agathocles 3   - of Thessaly, father of Lysimachus king of Thrace
Arrian:Fr_1 Lysimachus the son of Agathocles, Aristonus the son of
Arrian:Fr_9 ted Autolycus the son of Agathocles, Amyntas the son of
Athen_6.259 ons of Philippus, says, "Agathocles was a slave, and one
Euseb]:Chron_233 machus the son of son of Agathocles, a Thessalian from Cra
Euseb]:Chron_241 hs. Then Lysimachus the son of Agathocles [ruled] for 6

  Agathocles 4   - son of Lysimachus; killed by his father in 283 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
292/4 The marriage of Agathocles the son of Lysimachus to Lysandra the daug
292/15 Lysimachus and his son Agathocles are defeated and captured by the
286/16 Demetrius marches inland, pursued by Agathocles son of Lysimachus.
283/6 Lysimachus kills his son Agathocles.
    Within translations:
Just_17.1   nceiving towards his son Agathocles ( whom he had appointe
Memn_5   uence, Lysimachus killed Agathocles, the oldest and best
Oros_3.23.30   then slew his own son Agathocles, whom he hated with a
Plut:Demetr_31   taking the other for his son Agathocles. A connection
Plut:Demetr_46   ith them. But, as Agathocles the son of Lysimachus came
Plut:Demetr_47   extremities, and that Agathocles had fortified the pass
SEG_38.619   (285/4)   h the properties of Agathokles son of Lysimachos

  Agathocles 5   of Macedonia - governor of Persia in the third century B.C.
Arrian:Fr_31 of the Bactrians when Agathocles of Macedonia was gover

  Agathocles 6   - son of Oenanthe; chief minister of Ptolemy IV, king of Egypt
Wikipedia entry
202/1 and its overseas territories caused by the ascendancy of Agathocles.
202/2 Sosibius, the associate of Agathocles, enjoys a good reputation despi
202/3 The violent death of Agathocles, the chief minister of Ptolemy.
    Within translations:
Athen_6.251 hilon was a flatterer of Agathocles the son of Oenanthe,
Just_30.2 shared with her brother Agathocles, a corrupt youth of
Porph:Fr_45 also kept her brother Agathocles as a catamite, whom

  Agathocles 7   - Athenian archon in 106 B.C.
106/_ Athenian archon: Agathocles
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_14.150   commanders, [150] when Agathocles was archon, and Eucles
Syll_711.B   (106/5) was archon at Delphi, and Agathokles was archon at Athens, and

  Agathocles 8   - son of Agasicrates; temple official at Delphi, 3rd century B.C.
260/10 the Amphictyons in honour of Agathocles, Damon, Achaeïon and Ant

  Agathocles 9   of Cyzicus - Greek historian
Wikipedia entry
Athen_12.515   Theodorus of Samos. [515] And Agathocles, in the third book of
Athen_14.649   are mentioned also by Agathocles of Cyzicus, in the thi

  Agathocles   - in documents
CIL_1.682 of Marcus Gnaeus Avius Agathocles, freedman of Gnaeus
DionHal:Din_9 Eucharistus Cephisodotus Agathocles Elpines Callistratus
OGIS_59 (163)   heodoros son of As... Leon Agathokles son of Aga...
Syll_542 (228/7-212/1)   hemachos of Phegaia Agathokles of Kikynna Hege
Syll_662 (c. 165/4)   hall; as proposed by Agathokles of Paiania, the
THI_127 (c. 210)   hers : Hagias son of Agathokles officer of the slin
THI_43 (202/1)   p; 500 drachmas   Agathokles son of St[ratok]l
THI_61.C (early 2nd century)   ce for boys:   Agathokles son of Attalos Stadi
THI_64 (263-236)   Thessaly the son of Agathokles     ;

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