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  Ajax   - son of Telamon; king of Salamis at the time of the Trojan War
Wikipedia entry
Athen_06.238 anvil I; & Or Telamon or Ajax, & If wounds are to be given
Athen_11.493 that when Diomedes and Ajax, and even Achilles too were
Athen_12.543 painter in a picture of Ajax, and was defeated, when his
Athen_13.557 arried Meliboea, the mother of Ajax. And Hesiod says that
Athen_15.695 to perish. XV & Ajax of the ponderous spear, mighty son
Ennius:Ann_409 fierce fight fought by Ajax has [ Il_16'102 ] - "Bu
Just_44.3 the death of his brother Ajax, and not being admitted into
PsCallisth_1.42 de, and at the shield of Ajax made of seven ox-hides, beca

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