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  Alexandreium   - a fortress in Judaea
Wikipedia entry
Joseph:AJ_13.417   all but Hyrcania, and Alexandreium, and Machaerus, wher
Joseph:AJ_14.49   top of a mountain called Alexandreium, whither Aristobulus
Joseph:AJ_14.83   horsemen, and fortified Alexandreium, a fortress near to
Joseph:AJ_14.86   time Gabinius came to Alexandreium, and invited those
Joseph:AJ_14.89   country, he returned to Alexandreium; and when he urged
Joseph:AJ_14.92   about the rebuilding of Alexandreium, which had been newl
Joseph:AJ_14.419   her, and ordered him to repair Alexandreium also. Accordin
Joseph:AJ_15.185   he placed her at Alexandreium, with Alexandra her mother,
Joseph:AJ_15.203   put into that fortress [ Alexandreium ] for the security of
Joseph:BJ_1.134   Aristobulus was fled to Alexandreium, which is a strong
Joseph:BJ_1.161-164 *   lls about proper places; Alexandreium, and Hyrcanium, and
Joseph:BJ_1.167   these cities, he returned to Alexandreium, and pressed
Joseph:BJ_1.171   and when he had taken Alexandreium in the first place,
Joseph:BJ_1.308   to build a wall about Alexandreium; who took care of

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