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  Anacreon   of Teos - a lyric poet, 6th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Athen_04.175 lyre called barbitos was of Anacreon. But since you are
Athen_11.463 And the exquisite Anacreon says- & I do not love the man
Athen_12.540 was a rival in love of Anacreon the poet; and once, in
Athen_13.564 low. And what says Anacreon? & Oh, boy, as maiden fair,
Athen_13.598 the honey-voiced Anacreon contended for her [Sappho],
Athen_14.635 not exist in the time of Anacreon (for instruments with
Athen_15.673 people the passage in Anacreon which is the subject of
Athen_15.674 caenetus, nor of that of Anacreon; and he showed that he
Athen_15.693 of poetry, Alcaeus and Anacreon; [694] as Aristophanes
Athen_15.694 ing to me, & Of old Alcaeus or Anacreon. Praxilla, the Sic
Julian:Mis_337 are shown in red [337] Anacreon the poet composed many
Julian:Mis_366 black," as the poet of Teos [ Anacreon ] said. Enough of
Lucian:Macr_10 historian [ 1.163 ] and Anacreon the song-writer, but som
Lucian:Macr_26 -seven years. [26] Anacreon, the lyric poet, lived eighty-
Phylarch_14 arland of withes, mentioned by Anacreon. [15] & SCHOLIAST
Poseidon_107 magadis, which is mentioned by Anacreon. [ - ] [284.K] &

  Anacreon 2   - a Greek poet; author of a poem called "Phaenomena"
Vit:Arat_2 sus, Alexander Lycaites, Anacreon, Artemidorus and Hipparc

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