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  Anchises   - a Trojan; son of Capys, and father of Aeneias
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Aelian:NA_8.11 owherd on mount Ossa, as Anchises was on Ida, and that he
Aelian:NA_11.16 of Troy, son of Anchises, founded the aforesaid town;
Athen_6.263 axandrides, in his Anchises, says - & Slaves are not citiz
Athen_13.566 ith Iasion; and Aphrodite with Anchises and Adonis. And
CIL_10.808 peii. Aeneas, son of Venus and Anchises. He led the Tr
CIL_add.8 (1st cent. A.D.)   use she [coupled with Anchises and became the mo
Ennius:Ann_16 Assaracus, Capys, and Anchises SERVIUS auctus : Assarac
Ennius:Ann_18 loyal. [18-19] & Anchises PROBUS : Ennius pictures to
Ennius:Ann_22 persuade Aeneas to obey Anchises and retire to Mount Ida
Euseb]:Chron_265 to Aeneias the son of Anchises, and his successors rule
Euseb]:Chron_269 any sons, Aeneias the son of Anchises succeeded him as
Euseb]:Chron_279 after his grandfather Anchises, Aeneia (which was after
Euseb]:Chron_295 ting from Aeneias son of Anchises, when he became king of
Naev:Pun_2 that appeared to Anchises before the fall of Troy : PROB
Naev:Pun_5 [5-7] Aeneas and Anchises with their wives leave the cit
Naev:Pun_8 War has the following on Anchises and Aeneas in flight :
Naev:Pun_13 ury built. [13-15] Anchises embarks from Troy : PRISCIANUS

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