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  Antigonus   I Monophthalmos - king of Asia and Syria, died 301 B.C.
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321/19 gonus for his disloyalty, but Antigonus escapes and joins Antipater.
320/5 Antigonus crosses over to Asia, and attacks Eumenes and Cleopatra at
320/24 Antigonus is appointed to lead the war against Eumenes.
320/32 over his forces in Asia to Antigonus, and returns to Macedonia with
319/2 Antigonus sends Leonidas to lead some mutinous troops back to Macedon
319/3 Eumenes is trapped and defeated by Antigonus at Orcynia.
319/4 secretly prevents his soldiers from attacking Antigonus' baggage.
319/13 Eumenes withstands a siege by Antigonus at Nora.
319/21 mits suicide after being defeated in a surprise attack by Antigonus.
319/22 Antigonus goes to Phrygia, where he hears about the death of Antipate
318/1 Antigonus sends Hieronymus to end the siege of Eumenes.
318/7 Antigonus attacks Ephesus and Lydia.
318/8 to Asia to seek help from Antigonus for a war against Polyperchon.
318/22 of mercenaries, despite the opposition of Ptolemy and Antigonus.
318/23 Cassander arrives at Peiraeus with a force provided by Antigonus.
318/32 but by the intervention of Antigonus completely overwhelms the flee
318/33 Antigonus sends a force through Cilicia to attack Eumenes.
318/34 adron of Phoenician ships surrenders to Antigonus' fleet at Rhossus.
317/8 Antigonus advances to Susa, but is prevented by Eumenes from crossing
317/14 beginning of the reign of Antigonus, according to some calculation
317/18 The armies of Eumenes and Antigonus march to meet each other, but Eum
317/19 drawn battle between Eumenes and Antigonus at Paraetacene.
317/23 Antigonus and Eumenes rest their armies: the wife of the Indian gener
317/24 Antigonus marches through a desolate region to launch a surprise atta
317/25 Eumenes tricks Antigonus into delaying his attack.
316/4 Antigonus makes an unsuccessful attack on Eumenes' elephants.
316/10 Antigonus defeats Eumenes in Gabiene.
316/11 Eumenes is handed over to Antigonus by his own army.
316/13 Antigonus gains possession of a large force of elephants after his
316/14 Stratagems employed by Antigonus against Eumenes.
316/16 Antigonus puts Eumenes to death.
316/24 Antigonus kills Pithon and removes his associates.
316/25 Antigonus reorganizes the eastern satrapies.
316/32 Antigonus disposes of some of the Silver Shields by assigning them
315/2 Seleucus is visited by Antigonus at Babylon.
315/4 refuge with Ptolemy, in anticipation of an attack by Antigonus.
315/6 ucus attempts to organize a coalition against Antigonus in the west.
315/12 Antigonus rejects an ultimatum from Ptolemy, Seleucus, and Cassand
315/13 Antigonus builds a new navy in Phoenicia.
315/14 Antigonus expels Ptolemy' garrisons from Joppa and Gaza.
315/15 Aristodemus is sent by Antigonus to the Peloponnese, and gives help
315/16 Ptolemy, the general of Antigonus, advances as far as Ionia.
315/20 Antigonus declares Cassander a public enemy, and promises freedom to
315/26 itus, Menelaus, and Seleucus to attack Antigonus in different areas.
315/27 eitus defeats Theodotus, the admiral of Antigonus, near Aphrodisias.
314/16 Antigonus captures Tyre.
314/19 Ptolemy, the general of Antigonus, escapes from an ambush and capt
314/24 Antigonus leaves his son Demetrius in charge in Syria, and marches
313/1a kingdom, and defeats and kills Pausanias, the general of Antigonus.
313/2 Antigonus sends Telesphorus with a fleet to the Peloponnese.
313/4 Antigonus gains control of the cities of Caria, and liberates Miletus
313/20 Ptolemy the general of Antigonus arrives with a fleet in Boeotia,
313/21 Antigonus advances as far as the Hellespont, but does not cross it.
312/12 Antigonus rebukes the young Demetrius during a battle.
311/8 The Nabataeans defeat Athenaeus, the general of Antigonus.
311/14 Demetrius persuades Antigonus to attempt to extract asphalt from the
311/22 Antigonus agrees to a peace treaty with Cassander, Lysimachus, and
311/26 OGIS_5, a letter from Antigonus to Scepsis concerning the recent peac
311/27 OGIS_6, a decree of Scepsis granting divine honours to Antigonus.
310/5 Antigonus is shown a specimen of an incense-tree.
310/18 Ptolemy, a general in the Peloponnese, defects from Antigonus.
309/3 Antigonus attempts to recapture Babylon, but is forced out by Seleucu
309/12 night attack by Seleucus on the army of Antigonus.
309/17 Ptolemy the nephew of Antigonus joins Ptolemy at Cos, but is
307/12 Demetrius the son of Antigonus captures Peiraeus and expels Demetrius
307/17c and other states in honour of Nicomedes, an associate of Antigonus.
307/30 ans grant extravagant honours to Demetrius and his father Antigonus.
306/11 foundation of the city of Antigoneia, Antigonus' capital in Syria.
306/19 Antigonus and his son Demetrius adopt the title of King.
306/20 The funeral of Philippus, son of Antigonus.
306/21 Antigonus invades Egypt, and advances as far as the Nile.
306/23 Antigonus retreats out of Egypt after his troops start to desert.
305/2 Antigonus decides to attack Rhodes.
305/2a cree in honour of residents at the court of Antigonus and Demetrius.
305/18 Antigonus attempts to persuade Rhodian expatriates not to return home
303/20 Syll_344, letters from Antigonus to Teos concerning plans for a synoe
302/3 ander instigates a coalition with the other kings against Antigonus.
302/12 Antigonus abandons celebrations at his new capital of Antigoneia, in
302/16 pt, after hearing a false rumour of Lysimachus' defeat by Antigonus.
302/17 a prepared position in order to withstand the attack by Antigonus.
302/18 his army from Dorylaeum, and Antigonus is unable to pursue him becaus
302/19 Demetrius is ordered by Antigonus to return to Asia, and he agrees
302/22 death, at the age of 84, by Antigonus at Cius, after being suspected
302/23 Mithridates II escapes from Antigonus and takes refuge in a fort
302/24 cres some of the Autariatae, to prevent them deserting to Antigonus.
301/5 350-351, a decree of Byzantium in honour of Antigonus and Demetrius.
301/8 Antigonus uses papyrus from Syria to manufacture ropes for his fleet.
301/10 Antigonus puts the sophist Theocritus to death.
301/11 Antigonus founds cities at Alexandria Troas, Nicaea, and Smyrna.
301/12 Demetrius and Antigonus quarrel about Demetrius' mistress Demo.
301/14 Apelles paints a portrait of Antigonus, which hides his bad eye.
301/15 Sayings of Antigonus, addressed to Antagoras, Aristodemus, Bias, Herm
301/16 The close relationship between Demetrius and his father Antigonus.
301/17 General remarks on the ambitious character of Antigonus.
301/18 Antigonus is defeated and killed by Seleucus and Lysimachus at Ipsus.
301/24 The other kings divide up the remains of Antigonus' empire.

  Antigonus 2   II Gonatas - king of Macedonia, 276-239 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
319/5 The birth of Antigonus Gonatas, the son of Demetrius.
291/6 Demetrius and his son Antigonus recapture Thebes after a second revol
285/17 etrius hands over control of his remaining possessions to Antigonus.
285/17a the help of Lysimachus, Xanthippus liberates Elateia from Antigonus.
282/38 Antigonus captures and fortifies Munychia.
280/17 Ptolemy Ceraunus defeats Antigonus the son of Demetrius.
279/28 War breaks out between Antiochus and Antigonus.
278/26 Peace between Antigonus Gonatas and Antiochus.
277/9 Negotiations between Antigonus and the Gauls.
277/10 Antigonus Gonatas defeats the Gauls near Lysimacheia.
277/15 Antigonus Gonatas defeats Antipater and becomes king of Macedonia.
277/16 Antigonus starts to besiege Cassandreia.
276/8 enon sends Persaeus as his representative to the court of Antigonus.
276/9 Antigonus invites the poets Aratus of Soli and Alexander of Aetolia
276/15 Antigonus captures Cassandreia; the death of Apollodorus.
275/14 Pyrrhus asks Antigonus for aid to continue the war in Italy.
274/7 ares urges Zenon to take advantage of his friendship with Antigonus.
274/18 Pyrrhus defeats Antigonus and wins over the Macedonian army.
273/4 Antigonus is defeated by Ptolemy the son of Pyrrhus in a second
272/28 Antigonus gains control of cities in the Peloponnese.
267/7 Antigonus invades Attica.
266/3 Antigonus puts down a mutiny by a group of Galatian mercenaries.
265/10 emus, addressed to Alexinus, Antigonus, Bion, Hierocles, and others.
265/18 Antigonus Gonatas captures Megara.
265/19 Antigonus says to his son, "Our kingship is a noble servitude".
265/21 gonus at the Isthmus; (?) the death of Halcyoneus, son of Antigonus.
262/12 truce between Antigonus and Athens.
261/5 Antigonus defeats the Egyptian navy at the battle of Cos.
261/6 and the Egyptian fleet do little to help Athens against Antigonus.
261/8 ogues during the war against Antigonus, that only Athenians know the
261/9 Athens surrenders to Antigonus.
261/10 vades Macedonia, but is defeated by Demetrius, the son of Antigonus.
261/24 Antigonus visits Zenon and persuades him to go to a party.
261/26 enon, addressed to Amoebeus, Antigonus, Ariston, Cleanthes, Dionysius
260/11 Antigonus appoints Demetrius the grandson of Demetrius of Phalerum
259/10 Philochorus is put to death by Antigonus for supporting Ptolemy.
255/9 Antigonus restores the "liberty" of the Athenians.
253/18 Demetrius son of Antigonus marries Stratonice, the daughter of Antioc
250/4 Antigonus attempts to establish friendly relations with Aratus.
250/9 governor of Corinth, remains loyal to his half-brother Antigonus.
249/7 Alexander the son of Craterus rebels against Antigonus.
246/42 Antigonus defeats the Egyptian fleet at Andros.
245/12 Antigonus tricks Nicaea and recaptures Corinth.
243/6 Antigonus forms an alliance with the Aetolian League (? and Epirus).
243/7 ted during a banquet held by Antigonus to entertain a delegation from
243/10 influence at the court of Antigonus, which is exploited by Ariston
243/11 Aratus overpowers Antigonus' garrison, which is commanded by Persaeus
242/5a Antigonus forms an alliance with the Aetolian League.
240/23 Arcesilaus about the fleet of Antigonus, ridiculing Stoic beliefs.
240/27 en, the "Phaenomena" of Aratus, written at the request of Antigonus.
240/28 and writings of the poet Aratus of Soli, who resided with Antigonus.
239/4 Antigonus praises the philosopher Lycon.
239/4f 52, a decree of Syros in honour of an adjudicator sent by Antigonus.
239/5 Cleanthes gives frank replies to Antigonus' questions.
239/6 Other sayings of Antigonus.
239/7 etort of the poet Antagoras to Antigonus, about his cooking in camp.
239/8 The Spartans punish an ambassador for addressing Antigonus as king.
239/9 Larissa, a water-drinker, is consistently hostile to Antigonus.
239/10 togenes of Cnidus is a slave of Chrysippus, and doctor to Antigonus.
239/11 Antigonus is a patron of poets.
239/12 eneral comments on the policy of Antigonus towards the Greek states.
239/13 The death of Antigonus Gonatas.
239/4g of Cimolos in honour of a judge sent at the bidding of Antigonus.

  Antigonus 3   III Doson - king of Macedonia, 229-221 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Antigonian
262/6 The birth of Antigonus Doson.
229/3 of Demetrius II, who leaves Antigonus as the guardian of his son Phi
228/11 Antigonus drives the Aetolians out of Thessaly.
227/8 Antigonus Doson officially assumes the title of king of Macedonia.
227/11 Antigonus Doson campaigns in Caria.
226/2 lopolitans send an embassy to Antigonus, with the consent of Aratus.
226/2a des against an alliance with Antigonus, because it would involve the
225/19 eans, led by Aratus, appeal to Antigonus for help against Cleomenes.
224/4 come to an agreement with Antigonus, after promising to hand over
224/6b Inscr_53, a treaty between Antigonus and Eleutherna in Crete.
224/7 Antigonus advances to the Isthmus of Corinth.
224/12 Antigonus captures some forts belonging to Cleomenes, near Aegys and
224/16 Antigonus attends the Council of the Achaean League at Aegium, and
223/3 Antigonus captures Tegea.
223/10 Antigonus captures Orchomenus.
223/11 Antigonus captures Mantineia, Heraea and Telphusa.
223/14 Antigonus attends an Achaean assembly at Aegium.
222/4a SEG_60.585, a letter of Antigonus III concerning the son of Nicarchu
222/12 Antigonus enters Laconia and encamps opposite Cleomenes at Sellasia.
222/15 Antigonus defeats Cleomenes at Sellasia, and forces him to escape fro
222/16 Antigonus enters Sparta.
222/17 The Macedonians recall Antigonus because of an Illyrian invasion.
222/18 Antigonus attends the Nemean games.
222/19 The honours given to Antigonus in the Peloponnese annoy the Achaeans.
222/30 massacre at Argos, after the departure of Antigonus.
222/31 Antigonus sends his ward Philippus to visit the Peloponnese.
221/15 Antigonus defeats an invading Illyrian army.
221/28 SEG_60.586, two letters of Antigonus granting privileges to men who
221/29 her Prytanis is appointed by Antigonus to draw up a legal code at Meg
221/31 saying of Apollophanes, a parasite of Antigonus.
221/32 General remarks on the achievements of Antigonus.
221/33 The death of Antigonus Doson, who is succeeded by Philippus V.
    Within translations:
Athen_6.251 hanes was a flatterer of Antigonus who was surnamed Epitro
ChronSynt_91 etrius for 10 years [91] Antigonus for 15 years Philippus
Euseb]:Chron_* 237-243 * ber of the royal family, Antigonus called Phuscus, became
Euseb]:Chron_247 Demetrius - for 10 years Antigonus - for 9 years Philippus
ExcBarb_44A trius for 10 years 37. another Antigonus for 15 years 38.
Hieron:Chron_1784 136.4 * . [1784] Antigonus [became king] of Macedonia,
Hieron:Chron_1978 978] [1873 in Ar.] Antigonus was killed after fighting for
Just_28.3 quite a child; 10 and Antigonus, being appointed his
Just_28.4 olemaeus's son. 12 Antigonus, when the Spartans were thus
Just_29.1 ilippus, on the death of Antigonus his guardian, who was
PHaun_6 ans in the [war] against Antigonus υἱο
Phylarch_46 Apollophanes is a flatterer of Antigonus Doson. AGRAPHA
Phylarch_52 to look for help from Antigonus, because of his mistrus
Phylarch_53 es. [53] & Polyb_2.56'6-7 & &# Antigonus captures Mantinei
Phylarch_60 Plut:Cleom_30 & &# Antigonus dies after breaking a blood-v
Phylarch_T1 onymus the Lacedaemonian after Antigonus marched against
Plut:Arat_38 of the title; whereas Antigonus, though declared comman
Plut:Arat_* 41-47 * surrender the citadel to Antigonus, for he would not send
Plut:Arat_54 ended the royal race of Antigonus ; whereas the posterity
Plut:Cleom_* 16-36 * warfare. He called Antigonus into Greece and filled Pelopo
SEG_60.585 (222)   King Antigonos to Megalokles,
SEG_60.586 (221)   B]   King Antigonos to Megalokles and the stat
Syll_518 (222)   g Antigonos, son of king Demetrios,
THI_31 (c. 235)   n they welcomed my father { Antigonos } into thei
THI_53 (c. 227-224)   against whover [king Antigonos is at war with]; it

  Antigonus 4   - satrap of Hyrcania after the death of Alexander
ExcBarb_34A region of Hyrcania for Antigonus to rule over He gave

  Antigonus 5   of Macedonia - victor in the stadion race at the Olympic games, 292 and 288 B.C.
292/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Antigonus of Macedonia
288/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Antigonus of Macedonia (II)
    Within translations:
Euseb]:Chron_207 time 122nd [292 B.C.] - Antigonus of Macedonia, stadion

  Antigonus 6   - son of John Hyrcanus, high priest of the Jews
104/15 Aristobulus kills his mother and his brother Antigonus.
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_13.276 long, he set his sons Antigonus and Aristobulus over
Joseph:AJ_* 13.302-314 * loved his next brother Antigonus, and treated him as his
Joseph:AJ_13.322 two eldest of his sons, Antigonus and Aristobulus, God
Joseph:BJ_01.64 sons, Aristobulus and Antigonus, over the siege; who
Joseph:BJ_01.65 eaten by Aristobulus and Antigonus; and indeed he was purs
Joseph:BJ_01.71 have an affection for Antigonus, who was next to him,
Joseph:BJ_01.72 affair of his brother Antigonus, whom he loved, and who

  Antigonus 7   - son of Aristobulus; king of Judaea 40-37 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Antigone
42/19 Herodes defeats Antigonus, the son of Aristobulus.
40/13 rthians, led by Pacorus, invade Judaea and set up Antigonus as king.
40/22 Antigonus kills Phasael, the brother of Herodes, and mutilates Hyrcan
38/16 Antigonus defeats and kills Joseph, the brother of Herodes, near Jeri
37/3 Herodes defeats the army of Antigonus at Jericho.
37/13 Antigonus is executed, by order of Antonius.
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_14.79   away, but the younger, Antigonus, was carried to Rome,
Joseph:AJ_14.96   Gabinius, with his son Antigonus, who also fled with him
Joseph:AJ_14.126   back with him her son Antigonus, and her daughters; the
Joseph:AJ_14.140   says. [140] But Antigonus, the son of Aristobulus, came
Joseph:AJ_14.141   demonstrated that Antigonus and his party were given to
Joseph:AJ_14.297   brought back into Judaea Antigonus, the son of Aristobulus
Joseph:AJ_14.299   rs, and was gone to meet Antigonus, he joined battle with
Joseph:AJ_14.330-334 *   eague of friendship with Antigonus, the son of Aristobulus
Joseph:AJ_14.340   thians, at the desire of Antigonus, admitted into the city
Joseph:AJ_14.343   they heard that Antigonus had promised to give the Part
Joseph:AJ_14.346   would give him more than Antigonus; and besides, that it
Joseph:AJ_14.365   [365] And thus was Antigonus brought back into Judaea by
Joseph:AJ_14.368   great wound in his head, Antigonus sent physicians to cure
Joseph:AJ_14.379   and how they had made Antigonus king, who had promised
Joseph:AJ_14.382   because of his hatred to Antigonus; for he took him to be
Joseph:AJ_14.384   same time, they accused Antigonus, and declared him an
Joseph:AJ_14.390-395 *   90] All this while Antigonus besieged those that were in
Joseph:AJ_14.399   and as he marched on, Antigonus laid snares and ambushe
Joseph:AJ_14.403-406 *   one him. [403] But Antigonus, by way of reply to what Hero
Joseph:AJ_14.409   ime to come. [409] Antigonus was sensible of this, and sen
Joseph:AJ_14.412-414 *   And so much did Antigonus gain of Silo for the bribes
Joseph:AJ_14.418   anders with him, because Antigonus would not give them pro
Joseph:AJ_14.431   footmen, as intending to fight Antigonus. [432] But still
Joseph:AJ_14.435-438 *   at the instigation of Antigonus, without the approbatio
Joseph:AJ_14.450   ain. [450] So when Antigonus had got possession of the dea
Joseph:AJ_14.457   with a dart. [457] Antigonus also sent a commander against
Joseph:AJ_14.461   done immediately; for Antigonus was already looking abo
Joseph:AJ_14.469   take the government from Antigonus, who was declared all
Joseph:AJ_14.476   to have been burnt by Antigonus, in order to expose him
Joseph:AJ_14.478   preserve the kingdom to Antigonus, he made an assault upo
Joseph:AJ_14.481   tinction; [481] and then Antigonus, without regard to eith
Joseph:AJ_14.488-490 *   Jerusalem, and carried Antigonus with him in bonds to
Joseph:AJ_15.1   besides that, how they took Antigonus captive, has been related by
Joseph:AJ_15.6   of the principal men of Antigonus's party, and set guards at
Joseph:AJ_15.181   he was again deprived by Antigonus, and was maimed in his
Joseph:AJ_15.263   arose from this, that while Antigonus was king, Herod, with his
Joseph:AJ_15.323   out of his government, and Antigonus obtained it. [324]   This
Joseph:AJ_20.245   took him alive, and made Antigonus, the son of Aristobulus
Joseph:BJ_1.158   going; but the younger, Antigonus, with his sisters, were
Joseph:BJ_1.173   isoner to Gabinius, with Antigonus his son, who had fled
Joseph:BJ_1.186   Ascalon, [186] who took Antigonus, as well as his sisters
Joseph:BJ_1.195   this time it was that Antigonus, the son of Aristobulus
Joseph:BJ_1.198   198] that he wondered at Antigonus's boldness, while he
Joseph:BJ_1.239   it was that he assisted Antigonus, the son of Aristobulus
Joseph:BJ_1.240   battle, and drove away Antigonus, and returned to Jerusa
Joseph:BJ_1.248-250 *   red women, to bring back Antigonus to his kingdom, and to
Joseph:BJ_1.254   In the mean time, Antigonus desired that Pacorus might
Joseph:BJ_1.257   housand talents, and how Antigonus had devoted the greates
Joseph:BJ_1.259   their preservation, than Antigonus had promised to give
Joseph:BJ_1.269-273 *   and not only to set up Antigonus for king, but to delive
Joseph:BJ_1.282-291 *   also that he had with Antigonus was another inducement,
Joseph:BJ_1.294-297 *   nquered. [294] But Antigonus laid an ambush for him as he
Joseph:BJ_1.300-303 *   ericho. [300] When Antigonus heard of this, be sent some
Joseph:BJ_1.314   six hundred horsemen, against Antigonus. [315] Now here
Joseph:BJ_1.317-319 *   uxiliaries to Herodes, against Antigonus. Now Antigonus
Joseph:BJ_1.323-327 *   make no attempts against Antigonus till his return; for
Joseph:BJ_1.333   dart. [333] Now as Antigonus had a mind to appear to excee
Joseph:BJ_1.335   out of their hatred to Antigonus, and some out of regard
Joseph:BJ_1.339   and was what hindered Antigonus from being now conquere
Joseph:BJ_1.342   who was the general for Antigonus, and was slain in the
Joseph:BJ_1.353   Then it was that Antigonus, without any regard to his
Joseph:BJ_1.357   from Jerusalem, leading Antigonus away in bonds to Antoni
Joseph:BJ_1.358   them; but for those of Antigonus's party, he slew them;
Joseph:BJ_1.364   was a place that was held by Antigonus's sister. [365]
Joseph:BJ_1.665   the date when, after putting Antigonus to death, he assumed control
Oros_6.18   him to make war upon Antigonus, who at that time had

  Antigonus 8   of Carystus - a bronze-worker and writer of the 3rd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Athen_2.44   but water, as is related by Antigonus the Carystian.
Athen_4.162   friend of Menedemus, as Antigonus the Carystian relates
Athen_5.210   addressed to Adaeus and Antigonus, where he explains the
Athen_8.345   eat epicure in fish, (as Antigonus of Carystus tells us,
Athen_10.419   ater part." [15.]   But Antigonus of Carystus, in his Lif
Athen_10.437   [50.] [437] But Antigonus of Carystus, in his essay on
Athen_11.462   his Address to Adaeus and Antigonus says : 'As for the
Athen_11.474   the chapters On addressed to Antigonus, says : "In the Marriage
Athen_12.547   con the Peripatetic," as Antigonus the Carystian says, "wh
Athen_13.563   infamous passions (as Antigonus of Carystus relates,
Athen_13.565   But that wise Zenon, as Antigonus of Carystus says, speak
Athen_13.603   of King Antigonus: and Antigonus of Carystus, in his Lif
Athen_13.607   Persaeus himself; for Antigonus of Carystus, in his tre
DiogLaert_7.12   decree. {10} But Antigonus of Carystus says, that Zenon
DiogLaert_7.188   on, nor in Hypsicrates, nor in Antigonus, but were inserte
Phld:Sto_10   Dionysius of Heracleia, as Antigonus wrote, the son of

  Antigonus   - in documents
AnthPal_9.406 mperate madness ! & * & Antigonus suggests that he, too,
OGIS_226 hter of Automenes son of Antigonos and her mother (?)
Philip_4.2 lily, Bianor oak-leaves, Antigonus olive leaves, and Diodo
SelPap_2.247 rachmae, for which Antigonus son of Limnaeus is sur
Syll_322 amphilos son of Eukrates Antigonos son of Menodoros An
Syll_389 (282)   eson Didymos son of Antigonos Stesileōs son of
THI_107 (188-186)   Herodes son of Zenon Antigonos son of Hekataios Myr
THI_151 (145-137)   erinaios son of Antigonos Theomnastos son of Parmen
THI_59 (181/0)   ndros son of Proitos, Antigonos son of Alexandros,
THI_61.C (early 2nd century)   st:   Nikon son of Antigonos, by birth the son
THI_61.D (173-169)   Tigris, the son of Antigonos citharode:   Eteo

Antigonussee Antigenes

Antigonussee Antiochus15

Antigonussee Antipater2

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