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  Apollo   - Greek god, son of Zeus and Leto
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  + Phoebus , Pythian
280/21 ilocles, Iomilcus, and Xenophantus at the temple of Apollo on Delos.
254/16 made by Stratonice and Echenice at the temple of Apollo on Delos.
194/6 mathematical problem concerning the size of Apollo's altar at Delos.
185/2a Attalus concerning tax-exemption for the temple of Apollo Tarsenos.
179/17 accounts of the temple of Apollo on Delos, for the year when Demar
145/20 gives a magnificent banquet on becoming priest of Apollo at Cyrene.
130/21 ns, including four days of weeping by the statue of Apollo at Cumae.
129/10 including the doubling of the sun and a weeping statue of Apollo.
128/2b Limenius_, the words and music of Limenius' paean to Apollo.
128/1a enian decree renewing the festival of Thargelia in honour of Apollo.
127/2d Limenius_, the words and music of Limenius' paean to Apollo.
106/19 CIL_1.693, a dedication by Q.Minucius Rufus to Apollo at Delphi
74/34 Syll_746, a dedication to Apollo on the island of Delos.
30/3 Octavianus constructs monuments to Apollo and Neptune at Actium.
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[Tib]:PanMes_1 offering. Even to Phoebus did the Cretan bring gifts most
[Tib]:PanMes_45 dawn brightly, whether Phoebus ran above or underneath
[Tib]:PanMes_135 lands, the neighbour of Phoebus, and where the Hebrus and
[Tib]:PanMes_147 underneath the heat of Phoebus, whether he moves nearer
[Tib]:PanMes_177 vertise such glory, no, not if Phoebus himself dictate my
Aelian:Fr_41 ying?] to all. But Apollo orders him to render to Nicanor
Aelian:Fr_47 & A'2417 , & E'3852 & Apollo says to the Locrians, "the
Aelian:Fr_59 ruddle and beat the statue [of Apollo], calling him an Ale
Aelian:NA_1.47 a servant he was sent out by Apollo to draw water. He
Aelian:NA_1.48 bird and attends upon Apollo: that is why men agree tha
Aelian:NA_2.32 se-writers as servant to Apollo, but in what other relatio
Aelian:NA_7.18 a temple in honour of Apollo to whom, they say, the bir
Aelian:NA_7.9 The ministers of Apollo ** in Egypt say that there are
Aelian:NA_10.14 the child of Zeus and Leto {Apollo} when he says [Il.
Aelian:NA_10.26 is said also that Apollo takes pleasure in the wolf, and
Aelian:NA_10.49 groves of Clarus, for Apollo veiled its deep grotto wit
Aelian:NA_11.1 honours there paid to Apollo are sung of by poets and
Aelian:NA_11.2 any other sacrifice to Apollo, on one day in the year
Aelian:NA_11.7 refuge in the temple of Apollo there (the precinct is of
Aelian:NA_11.8 ory on which a temple of Apollo has been built, and worshi
Aelian:NA_12.1 and there is a shrine of Apollo there, and the priest of
Aelian:NA_12.4 terus ** are servants of Apollo; the lämmergeier and the
Aelian:NA_12.5 the name of Sminthian to Apollo whom they worship, for the
Aelian:NA_13.21 claims our belief; and Apollo of Didyma ** must be a suf
Aelian:NA_14.13 swans, the servants of Apollo and, as the common report
Aelian:NA_15.23 a ferryman. And Apollo fell in love with a, maiden and
Alcaeus_7.412 her loosened hair, and Phoebus himself took off the laur
Alcaeus_16.8 use you, a mortal, encountered Phoebus in a strife fit onl
AnthPal_11.324 MEDON & { Ph 6 } & A. Accept, Phoebus, the supper I bring
AnthPal_* 12.25-27 * return safe and sound to me, Apollo, promising a sacrifi
AnthPal_12.55 chedemus, a second Attic Phoebus whom soft-haired Love lit
AnthPal_16.214 helmet, the quiver of Phoebus well stocked with arrows,
AnthPal_3.6 The Pytho slain by Apollo and Artemis, because it appeared
AnthPal_3.14 ityus shot down by Apollo and Artemis for daring to assaul
AnthPal_6.112 antlers hang in your portico, Apollo. They were shot from
AnthPal_6.137 CREON & { F 8 } & Apollo of the silver bow, grant willing
AnthPal_6.152 & { H 1 } & Meidon, O Phoebus, dedicated to you his sta
AnthPal_6.230 & { Ph 1 } & To you, Phoebus of the cape, who rule thi
AnthPal_6.278 sclepiades, dedicates to Phoebus the fair this fair lock,
AnthPal_6.279 autiful hair, he gave to Phoebus the glory of his boyhood
AnthPal_7.10 Muses of Pieria, with Apollo, the master of the lute,
AnthPal_7.154 I should be the monument of Apollo's bride and tell her
AnthPal_7.239 port that Alexander is dead if Phoebus be true. Not even
AnthPal_9.100 sed in that you received Phoebus, and that Artemis, after
AnthPal_9.387 servant of Heliconian Apollo, chosen among the first
AnthPal_9.410 ven from death, gnawed through Phoebus' melodious lyre-str
AnthPal_9.751 Hyacinthus, & and on it are Apollo and Daphne. Of which
Antiphil_9.263 at her feet, as being Apollo's prophet, and try it in
Antiphil_9.551 ill-omened heron. Phoebus will tell for what reason it
Antiphil_10.17 we singers are dear to Phoebus, I will sail trusting in
AntipSid_6.118 ntricate nets are dedicated to Phoebus by Sosis, Phila and
AntipSid_16.178 For fair-haired Phoebus: golden rhytons, fit for nectar
AntipThes_6.10 horned altar at the bidding of Apollo (?). & * & The last
AntipThes_6.198 cheeks, dedicated it to Phoebus, a first gift, and therew
AntipThes_7.530 boys and girls, the spoils of Phoebus and Artemis. [7.531
AntipThes_7.743 girl. For far from Apollo having shot down my sons and Art
AntipThes_9.238 & { G-P 83 } & Apollo is a big boy here in this bronze
AntipThes_9.241 You were a neat-herd, Phoebus, and Poseidon was a nag,
AntipThes_9.266 & { G-P 108 } & Phoebus spoke thus of the sweet musicia
AntipThes_9.282 Daphne, pursued by Apollo and changed into a laurel to sav
AntipThes_9.517 you charm Orpheus. Phoebus vanquished the Phrygian {Marsya
AntipThes_10.25 & { G-P 40 } & Phoebus, guardian of the Cephallenians'
AntipThes_16.131 ven children, victims of Phoebus and Artemis : for the Mai
AntipThes_16.296 the wise prophecies of Phoebus, great Heaven is your cou
AntipThes_16.75 of Kings, like to Zeus, Apollo, and Ares, lovely offsprin
Apollonid_7.631 7 } & If you come to Apollo's harbour at Miletus, give
Archias_7.696 red on fatal strife with Phoebus ; and no longer, as of
Archias_9.19 ho, the oracular seat of Phoebus, once crowned in the game
Athen_2.38 onsidered appropriate to Apollo, because of the truth of
Athen_3.98 think that even the Pythian Apollo himself could hardly
Athen_3.99 this means & I say that even Apollo’s self can’t tell.
Athen_5.209 igonus consecrated it to Apollo; but it was not one-third,
Athen_* 06.233-235 * consecrated at Delphi to Apollo; and that when Lysander
Athen_7.289 on, who had been cured by him, Apollo. And another of thos
Athen_8.333 shore a grove sacred to Apollo, and where there is an edd
Athen_8.348 nine Muses, and one of Apollo, and had also two pupils,
Athen_10.420 so superb a supper; & Phoebus Apollo! what a feast it was
Athen_12.549 es, how he was priest of Apollo at Cyrene, and how he gave
Athen_12.553 & (B) & Phoebus Apollo! & (A) & Then in goose's milk
Athen_13.570 & Playing the tunes of Apollo, or of Zeus; & But these
Athen_13.599 ath, heat Socrates, whom Apollo had declared to be supreme
Athen_13.602 On which account Apollo, being pleased at this conduct,
Athen_13.604 oke of the golden-haired Apollo; for if a painter were to
Athen_14.614 statue of the mother of Apollo; but when he saw only a
Athen_14.619 sung in honour of Apollo is called philhelias, as we lear
Athen_14.627 and celestial song : & Apollo tuned the lyre, - the Muse
Athen_14.628 ine and drunkenness, but Apollo with tranquillity and good
Athen_14.632 this account they judged Apollo to have been the most musi
Athen_14.636 them a little statue of Apollo which they had, which held
Athen_15.694 great children bear, & Apollo with the golden hair, &
Bianor_9.272 crow, the minister of Phoebus, parched with thirst, saw
Callim:Hec_260 pitch, the reward that Phoebus will one day give him for
Callim:Hec_261 lliant gymnasium of the Lycean Apollo. Spoken by the crow,
ChronPasc_469 tendant at the temple of Apollo, had assisted Hyrcanus the
Cic:Brut_78 ublic shows in honour of Apollo, died the poet Ennius, in
Cic:Phil_2.31 Why were the games of Apollo celebrated with incredible
CIL_1.37 Condetius son of Valesus, gave Apollo's twentieth. C
CIL_1.59 survives after coraseron. To Apollo . . . Metilius
CIL_1.1928 Nasia, daughter of Gnaeus, to Apollo. CIL_1 .1482 L
CIL_1.2504 Foremen of Mercury, of Apollo, and of Neptune superi
CIL_1.384 this as a gift deservedly on Apollo. CIL_1 .386 L
CIL_1.399 us, bestowed this as a gift on Apollo. CIL_1 .18 Latin
CIL_add.7 (early 1st cent.)   udi Apollinares {Games of Apollo}. Business in As
Crinag_16.273 Praxagoras The son of Phoebus & himself, anointing his
DioCass_fr.50 the Capitol near the temple of Apollo. &   The Gauls bec
Diod_34.2 been at that time inspired by Apollo. For he put fire
Diod_38.7 that is, the temple of Apollo at Delphi, the temple of
DionHal:Din_11 Delian speech: "Of Apollo and Rhoeō, the daughter of
DioscEpigr_9.340 better player, his strife with Phoebus flayed him. & *
ElegMaec_1.17 to hurt. [1.17] Apollo with learned Minerva had conferr
ElegMaec_1.51 The very god of Actium {Apollo} smote the lyre with ivory
Ennius:Ann_60 Jovis Neptunus Vulcanus Apollo [62] & Speech of Juno ;
Ennius:Ann_123 tine in front of the temple of Apollo. . . . Ennius has
Ennius:Ann_174 receives an oracle of Apollo : CICERO : Why should I
Hieron:Chron_1949 near Antioch was dedicated to Apollo by Pompeius. 178.2
Isyll_A Socrates, dedicated this to Apollo Maleatas and to Ascl
Isyll_C ead a procession to lord Phoebus and to his son Asclepius,
Isyll_D first built the altar of Apollo Maleatas and made the prec
Isyll_E composed in honour of Apollo and Asclepius, whether it
Isyll_F of our forefathers, O Phoebus Apollo. 40 Zeus the Father
Isyll_G guard the precepts of Apollo which Lycurgus ordained
Joseph:AJ_13.364 five hundred, fled to Apollo's temple, (for this attack
Joseph:BJ_1.424 also. And when the Pythian temple {at Rhodes} had been bur
Julian:Caes_309 "Cease trifling", said Apollo, "after I have handed him
Julian:Caes_310 Silenus turned to Apollo and said "You see he models hims
Julian:Caes_314 ieve that your brother [ Apollo ] tells the truth? So you
Julian:Caes_318 should vote. But Apollo did not approve of this plan,
Julian:Caes_335 acles, and Octavianus to Apollo, but Marcus attached himse
Julian:Mis_344 such matters than the Pythian god, and you make harangu
Julian:Mis_351 ing up near the altar of Apollo on Delos.' [352] And consi
Just_2.12 plunder the temple of Apollo, as if he had been at war
Just_3.3 xed, he represented that Apollo of Delphi was the author
Just_3.4 Tarentum; 14 for that Apollo at Delphi had signified
Just_8.1 omelus, on the temple of Apollo at Delphi, as if they were
Just_9.7 king had been killed, to Apollo, under the name of Myrtale
Just_13.7 auty, was carried off by Apollo from Pelion, a mountain
Just_15.4 ceived from a union with Apollo, and, after becoming preg
Just_17.3 hi, at the very altar of Apollo, by the treachery of Orest
Just_24.1 Greece had been dedicated to Apollo. For their general
Just_24.6 mortals." The temple of Apollo at Delphi is situated on
Just_43.5 ent to carry presents to Apollo, heard that the city of
Lucill_11.177 } & Eutychides stole Phoebus the detector of thieves,
Macedonicus_ combined with a paean to Apollo in an Athenian inscription
Malal_204 trees near the temple of Apollo in the city which was prev
MArgent_6.333 hall stand by the tripod, like Apollo, and prophesy to men
Meleager_12.128 you, lyre, spokesman of Phoebus, sing no longer of Hyacin
Meleager_16.134 by the woe-working arrows of Phoebus. Your boys are no
Mnasalcas_6.264 a holy gift to golden-haired Apollo. My edge is old and
Mnasalcas_6.9 from Promachus to you, Phoebus, his crooked bow and quiv
Naev:Pun_25 and then his son Pythian Apollo, the renowned archer might
Nicand:Al_10 nd, settling by the tripods of Apollo in Clarus. You must,
Nicand:Al_200 the Delphian locks of Phoebus) ; or else pound some pep
Nicand:Al_300 moan on the spot where Phoebus stripped the skin from
OGIS_104 (167-145)   on, was dedicated to Apollo, Artemis and Leto by Ar
OGIS_212 (c. 300-280)   ice] is performed [to Apollo], the founder of his [
OGIS_247 (187-175)   irs, was dedicated to Apollo by the warehousemen
OGIS_250 (166-163)   dedicated to Delian Apollo by Alexandros the so
OGIS_256 (129-117)   ain, was dedicated to Apollo, Artemis and Leto by S
OGIS_345 (95/4)   temple of [Pythian] Apollo." The city shall
OGIS_43 (c. 280)   nctuary of [Delian] Apollo; [and money for the insc
OGIS_46 (c. 279-221)   ople is dedicating to Apollo and king Ptolemaios, m
OGIS_53 (c. 246)   icated to Apollo Hylates, Artemis Phosphoro
OGIS_746 (197)   his city to Leto and Apollo and Artemis, on account
OGIS_773 (c. 286)   he temple of Pythian Apollo; Chartades and the othe
OGIS_8 (c. 306)   ving sworn an oath to Apollo Lykeios, shall togethe
Ovid:Cons_445 temples are wreathed in Apollo's laurel, and I have felt
Paean:Delph_1 with songs your brother Phoebus with the golden hair -
Paean:Delph_2 honour of Pythian Phoebus, golden-haired, skilled archer
Paean:Eryth_ ucus, son of dark-haired Apollo, whom the god of the golde
Philip_6.251 51] & { G-P 7 } & Phoebus, who dwells on the sheer height
Philip_9.307 Daphne, who once refused Phoebus, now lifts up her dark-le
Philip_9.553 is, a divine city. Phoebus receives this reward for the
Philip_16.215 bear the bow of Phoebus, the thunderbolt of Zeus, the
Philoch_27 daughter of Dius the son of Apollo. [28] & SUDA, "from
Phylarch_16 Cyrene was brought there by Apollo. Because a lion was
Plut:Agis_9 rom the solicitations of Apollo, was turned into a laurel
Plut:Arat_7 rds, he gave propitious Apollo for the word, and then led
Plut:Arat_40 sembled in the temple of Apollo and sent for Aratus, being
Plut:Arat_53 uire of the priestess of Apollo at Delphi, and she returne
Plut:Demetr_40 not pay their homage to Apollo in a more proper place tha
Plut:Mor_191 Ephors bade him consult Apollo in the same case; and to
Plut:Mor_205 dren he hath got, Though Apollo favoured not." & When
Plut:Mor_843 to cover the altar of Apollo in the market with gold,
Polyaen_7.12.1 up a hill, and implored Apollo in this moment of distress
Polyaen_8.4.1 Zeus, and the other from Apollo, which the former prevaile
Polyaen_8.38.1 Melanippus, priest of Apollo, and married Aretaphila
POxy_1380 p~isis_hymns.html#6 tablished your son Horus Apollo 210& everywhere the youthf
PsCallisth_* 1.45-47 * entered the shrine of Apollo and demanded that the prie
RC_22 (c. 246)   sanctuary there of Apollo Didymeus and because of
RC_39 (203)   etings. The sanctuary of Apollo [and of] Artemis in
RC_5 sanctuary of Didymaean Apollo, as offerings to the S
RC_69 (138-133)   akome asked . . . built for Apollo . . . for the se
SEG_21.469 (129/8)   ter; and since Pythian Apollo exists as Patroös amo
SEG_28.1224 (282)   up in the temples of Apollo and Artemis and Leto in
SEG_35.665 (c. 160)   s and] the temple of Apollo Kerdoios at Larisa, ins
SEG_36.548 (250-200)   s [in the presence of Apollo] Hekatombaios: the pr
SEG_38.1476 (206/5)   birth to Artemis and Apollo in our territory, and
SEG_38.603 (202-197)   s, Poseidon, Demeter, Apollo, Ares, Athena Areia,
SEG_39.702 (275-250)   spitality with the priest of Apollo.   Agathin
SEG_42.661 (c. 300-280)   ra by the altar of Apollo, and at Seuthopolis in
SEG_43.212 (c. 200)   ria or into the city, Apollo replied: "Receive
SEG_48.1330 (c. 128-100)   placed the offspring of Phoebus . . . . the new
SEG_48.1404 (c. 250)   ill be consecrated to Apollo; that anyone who wishe
SEG_48.588 (289)   . The temple of Apollo in Delphi shall continue] to
SEG_49.1217 (c. 220)   l set it up in the shrine of Apollo Pythios. Attalu
SEG_51.1050 (mid 3rd century)   ins on the temple of Apollo may be carried out quic
SEG_51.1056 (242)   ctuary] of Pythian Apollo; ten staters [are to be
SEG_52.724 (c. 200)   set it up in the temple of Apollo. The treasurer sh
SEG_54.1569 (late 2nd cent.)   the of the Archer [Apollo] and the Muses, mixed
SEG_56.636 (c. 170/69)   e it in the temple of Apollo Kerdeios; and whatever
SEG_56.638 (160-150)   ement in the temple of Apollo Kerdoios, and payment
SEG_57.510 (140-130)   aced in the temple of Apollo Kerdoios, and they sha
SEG_59.1406A (281)   xt to the precinct of Apollo and surround it with a
SEG_59.1406B (c. 280)   in the sanctuary of Apollo Kerdoios; there shall al
SEG_60.586 (221)   dedicated this to Pythian Apollo. [B]   King A
SelPap_1.84 seal being an imprint of an Apollo, and I sealed
SelPap_2.332 urelius Salaminus son of Apollo and Aurelius Eulogius
SelPap_2.405 argatis, Core, Dionysus, Apollo, Neotera, and the asso
Simonid_6.197 dicated this monument to Phoebus, & when I destroyed the
Simonid_7.270 st-fruits from Sparta to Phoebus, one sea, one night, one
Syll_1044 (280-240)   oracular enquiry to Apollo, asking what would be be
Syll_322 of Ktesias &[ 333/2 ] Apollo son of Zeus Histiaios
Syll_348 (302)   placed in the temple of Apollo Daphnephoros. &r
Syll_361 (301)   ns dedicated this statue to Apollo. [B] { On the
Syll_400 (273/2)   ore the assemblies to Apollo Prostaterios and the o
Syll_402 (246/5)   eks and the temple of Apollo, the common sanctuar
Syll_408 (250/49)   ioour} and Pythian Apollo, as a memorial of the
Syll_412 (c.260)   phi in the temple of Apollo; that the envoys Pytha
Syll_416 (273)   belonging to Pythian Apollo, and Kephalion and Bo&
Syll_419 (270)   red sign of Pythian Apollo"; and the Delphians
Syll_421 (272-260)   judgement in the temple of Apollo at Thermon. &r
Syll_449 (c. 334/3)   posed this hymn to Pythian Apollo. "O you who
Syll_473 (239/8)   the Athenian people [to Apollo] Prostaterios and
Syll_483 (c. 264/3)   temple of Pythian Apollo; and the hieromnemones
Syll_487 (c. 234/3)   ore the assemblies to Apollo Prostaterios and Art
Syll_493 (230-220)   and in the temple of Apollo at Delos, requesting a
Syll_494 (260/59)   d staters, sacred [to Apollo], and he shall be li
Syll_506 (c. 237/6)   phi in the temple of Apollo, and the other two [at
Syll_512 (270-230)   r and her brothers . . . to Apollo. . . . [and] Ant
Syll_513 (c. 225)   dedicates this [to Pythian Apollo]. [B] [Aristai
Syll_515 (235-200)   Kydrion, dedicates this to Apollo. [B] Charixeno
Syll_518 (222)   s, dedicated this [to Apollo], from the spoils of
Syll_523 (c. 220)   been dedicated to Apollo] by king Attalos, [except
Syll_524 (early 3rd cent.)   idon, Athena, Pythian Apollo, and the other gods
Syll_538 (204/3)   temple of Pythian Apollo; and to give a copy of
Syll_539 (204)   s decree in the temple of Apollo]. [B] The Delph
Syll_541 (240-210)   bed] in the temple of Apollo; [and to honour] the s
Syll_550 (c. 213-203)   temple of Pythian Apollo at Chalkedon shall be
Syll_557 (after 208/7)   o Delphi} and the god {Apollo} proclaimed in respon
Syll_558 (c. 207/6)   e, being dedicated by Apollo of Delphi; and to ac
Syll_559 (c. 207/6)   oracular response of Apollo of Delphi, that it
Syll_560 (c. 207/6)   ed and inviolable, as Apollo of [Delphi] proclaimed
Syll_569 (c. 204/1)   t position in the temple of Apollo at Halasarna. &r
Syll_579 (end of 3rd cent.)   [in the temple of Apollo at Delphi, and the ot
Syll_588 (190-180)   ns. I swear [by Apollo of Didyma and] all the other
Syll_589 (190-180)   hryene and to Pythian Apollo: [to Zeus] a ram (as b
Syll_590 (c. 210-200)   Didyma in honour of Apollo of Didyma, and the city
Syll_597 (c. 205-200)   t at the Pythian games, [to Apollo]. [Menekrates]
Syll_603 (193)   cribed in] the temple of Apollo at Delphi. →
Syll_604 (192)   e it in the temple of Apollo; and the treasurers, C
Syll_607 (191/0)   sul of the Romans, to Apollo, on account of his vi
Syll_609 (190)   placed in the [temple of Apollo] . . . [the use
Syll_612 (189)   temple] of [Pythian] Apollo [shall be inviolable; a
Syll_613 (184/3)   e in the temple of Pythian Apollo. The assembled hi
Syll_621 (186-172)   son of Petalos, to Apollo on account of his vi
Syll_630 (182)   el wreath of Pythian Apollo, with which it is custo
Syll_631 (182)   lic feast to Pythian Apollo every year, which they
Syll_633 (c. 180)   ce with the advice of Apollo, the prophet [20] a
Syll_635 (182-179)   ns; and the temple of Apollo Ptoïos at Akrai
Syll_637 (178)   ibed in the temple of Apollo, shall remain in force
Syll_643 (171/0)   he temple [of Pythian Apollo in Delphi, intending
Syll_644 (c. 172)   inscribed in the temple of Apollo Lykeios. Proposed
Syll_645 (c. 172)   bed slab in the] temple [of Apollo]. [C] Decree of
Syll_652 (shortly before 167)   end, was dedicated by to Apollo by Hermon son of
Syll_653 (c. 165)   ns of the temple of Apollo Smintheus in Troas; and
Syll_663 (c. 200)   banded ship to the city of Phoibos. Under his own r
Syll_669 (166-147)   erapolos} of Aktian Apollo; and Kleandros of Anak
Syll_670 (before 161)   dedicated to Pythian Apollo by [the city] of Del
Syll_671 (160/59)   ee full-grown oxen to Apollo and Leto and Artemis,
Syll_679 (190-140)   rds in] the temple of Apollo at Myous; and now that
Syll_681 (c. 140)   sul of the Romans, to Apollo; the supervisor Protim
Syll_705 (112)   ntrary to] the oracles of [Apollo]. We therefore pe
Syll_707 (270-220)   ce it in the temple of Apollo; and the stewards sha
Syll_953 (300-286)   uot;By Zeus and Apollo Lykios [and Gaia, I will jud
Theodorid_6.155 year old boy sheared for Apollo the lyre-player, and there
Theodorid_16.132 these by the arrows of Phoebus, and those by the arrows
THI_108 (c. 228)   up in the temple of Apollo Delphinios; the wall-bui
THI_115 (230-225)   e in the [temple of Apollo] at Delphi, wherever see
THI_12 (c. 309-305)   {Helios}, Poseidon, Apollo, Demeter, Ares, Athena
THI_121 (215/4)   ds and to Hestia and to Apollo Didymeus; therefore,
THI_124 (c. 216)   the temple of Aktian Apollo being a common sanctuar
THI_129 (165-158)   le of the temple of [Apollo] Termintheus; and the t
THI_134 (c. 198)   When Apollo was stephanephoros after
THI_143 (200-150)   of sacrilege against Apollo's shrine and exposed ou
THI_144 (c. 253)   ise in the temple of Apollo, choosing the most appr
THI_146 (280-240)   ce it in the temple of Apollo next to the steles of
THI_151 (145-137)   er in the temple of Apollo Kerdoios in Larisa, duri
THI_176 (155/4)   dros, sold to Pythian Apollo a male save, named Dam
THI_23 (late 2nd cent.)   them, and dedicated it to Apollo. [B] &Original t
THI_24 (early 2nd cent.)   ses: priests of Apollo: Amyntas and the magistrate
THI_42 (273)   ered to Artemis and Apollo; and that the sacred h
THI_51 (277/6)   war, in the house of Apollo: A moulded bowl and an
THI_57 (late 3rd cent.)   e in the sanctuary of Apollo in which a stone slab
THI_64 (263-236)   itanes       Apollo... of Lakedaimon
THI_69 (c. 260)   ibed in the temple of Apollo, and the treasurer s
THI_72 (201)   nth of Xandikos, when Apollo was stephanephoros (?)
THI_76 (c. 303)   d, these statues of Apollo son of Zeus and chaste A
THI_79 (304-302)   up] in the sanctuary [of Apollo] Daphnephoros. Th
THI_90 (311-306)   sible, the priest of Apollo and the other priests a
THI_91 (240-230)   during the games of Apollo, when the choruses of bo
THI_96 (250-240)   nd set up in the temple of Apollo in Delos. Eumedes
THI_97 (294-288)   xt an excuse for . . . and Apollo and Demeter and D
THI_98 (250-200)   d set up in the temple of Apollo Delphinios. The wa
THI_99.A (200-150)   tele in the temple of Apollo beside the stele of hi
THI_99.K (early 2nd century)   ace in the temple of Apollo Temenitas, so that we m
Timoth:Pers_237 come, thou Far-darting Pythian with the gifts of prosper
Vit:Nicand_1 Nicander was a priest of Apollo of Clarus, having inherite

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