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  Aquitania   - a region in sout-western Gaul
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  + Aquitanias
77/18 onsul L.Manlius and his legate L.Valerius are defeated in Aquitania.
56/38 P.Crassus conquers Aquitania.
38/10 The Gauls in Aquitania start a rebellion, but are defeated by Agrippa
    Within translations:
Athen_14.657   pain, in the province of Aquitania, is the city Pompelo,
FastTr__A   Arverni A tribe in Aquitania, southern Gaul Aurunci A trib
Festus:Brev_6   There are in Gaul, Aquitania, and the Britains eighteen
Oros_1.2.60   67 The province of Aquitania is formed into a circle
Oros_1.2.70   right by the province of Aquitania and on the left by
Oros_6.8   Crassus had come to Aquitania, he encountered armed resistance.
Oros_6.21   brought from the Gulf of Aquitania through the Ocean, and the
Oros_7.22   governor of the province of Aquitania, succeeded him. This ruler had

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