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  Aratus   of Soli - Greek poet, author of the Phaenomena
Wikipedia entry
276/6 Aratus of Soli is a pupil of Zenon, or possibly of Dionysius of Herac
276/9 Antigonus invites the poets Aratus of Soli and Alexander of Aetolia
273/5 The poet Aratus goes to stay with Antiochus in Syria.
271/4 The floruit of the poet Aratus.
240/27 t:Phaen, the "Phaenomena" of Aratus, written at the request of Antigo
240/28 ife and writings of the poet Aratus of Soli, who resided with Antigon
    Within translations:
[Longin]:Subl_26   And Aratus's line :
AntipThes_9.541   No longer consult Aratus, for if you empty us both you
Athen_11.489   fastened to the sky, as Aratus says of them : 'They
Athen_11.490   begin to set.'   And Aratus { Phaen. }: 'These, to
Athen_11.492   spoken of as seven, as Aratus also says { Phaen. }
Callim:Epigr_29   the "Phaenomena" of Aratus. Hesiod's is the the
Cic:Acad_2.66   - as Aratus ** puts it, and steer
Cic:DeOr_1.69   amongst the learned that Aratus, a man ignorant of
Cic:Rep_1.22   that many years later Aratus, borrowing this whole arrangement
Cic:Rep_1.56   ? And what similarity has Aratus' poem with our present discussion
DiogLaert_7.167   rwards, he attached himself to Aratus, whom he took for
Hieron:Chron_1745   127.1 . [1745] [not in Ar.] Aratus was in his prime.
LeonTar_9.25   is the book of learned Aratus, whose subtle mind explore
Lucill_11.136   * & A parody of Aratus, Phaen, 131 [11.137] & { F 46
Meleager_4.1   hining with virtue ; and Aratus he set in there, wise in
Phld:Epigr_11.318   lations much better than Aratus, but could not tell his
Plinius:Ep_5.6   to. Observe how Aratus hunts up and brings together eve
Poseidon_97   Greece, and therefore Aratus makes no mention of it in
Schol:Theoc_6   tus addresses his friend Aratus, whom he also mentions in
Vit:Arat_1-4 *   family and life of Aratus The father of the poet Aratus
Vit:Lycoph_1   wrote the bucolic poems Aratus, who wrote the Phaenomena
Vit:Theoc_1   eocritus was a contemporary of Aratus, Callimachus and Nic
Vit:Theoc_2   follows: This Theocritus Aratus, who wrote the Phaenomena

  Aratus 2   of Sicyon, Achaean statesman, died in 213 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
271/7 The birth of Aratus of Sicyon.
257/11 Aratus first takes part in the politics of Sicyon.
252/4 The education and physical training of Aratus of Sicyon.
251/6 Aratus organizes a plot against the tyrant Nicocles.
251/7 Aratus overpowers Nicocles' bodyguard and forces him to leave Sicyon.
251/12 Aratus persuades the Sicyonians to join the Achaean League.
250/3 The Egyptian government gives financial support to Aratus.
250/4 Antigonus attempts to establish friendly relations with Aratus.
245/_ Achaean General: Aratus
245/10 Aratus is elected general of the Achaean League for the first time.
245/17 Aratus lays waste Locris and Calydonia.
243/_ Achaean General: Aratus (II)
243/11 Aratus overpowers Antigonus' garrison, which is commanded by Persaeus
243/14 Aratus persuades Megara, Troezen, and Epidaurus to join the Achaean
242/7 Aratus invades Attica.
241/_ Achaean General: Aratus (III)
241/16 Agis sets out to join Aratus at the Isthmus.
241/17 Aratus fails to prevent the Aetolians from crossing the Isthmus.
241/18 The Aetolians capture Pellene, but are expelled by Aratus.
240/30 abortive plot by Aratus against Aristomachus.
240/34 Aratus breaks a truce with the Macedonians by attacking the Peiraeus.
240/38 pels an unprovoked attack by Aratus, but lives in fear of an attempt
240/41 The Achaeans fine Aratus for his attack on Aristippus.
239/_ Achaean General: Aratus (IV)
237/_ Achaean General: Aratus (V)
235/_ Achaean General: Aratus (VI)
235/2 Aratus fails in an attack on Argos.
235/3 indecisive battle between Aratus and Aristippus.
235/5 Aratus wins over Cleonae.
235/6 Aratus kills Aristippus of Argos in an ambush.
233/_ Achaean General: Aratus (VII)
233/5 Aratus is defeated by the Macedonian general Bithys at Phylacia.
233/10 Aratus invades Attica.
231/_ Achaean General: Aratus (VIII)
229/_ Achaean General: Aratus (IX)
228/13 aean army at Pallantium, but Aratus prevents Aristomachus from joinin
227/_ Achaean General: Aratus (X)
227/1a Aratus is elected general for the tenth time.
227/3 Cleomenes defeats Aratus in a battle by Mt. Lycaeum.
227/6 Aratus seizes Mantineia.
227/15 The Achaeans blame Aratus for the death of Lydiades, and deny him acc
226/2 lopolitans send an embassy to Antigonus, with the consent of Aratus.
226/4 Aratus defeats and captures Megistonous at Orchomenus.
225/2 Aratus causes the breakdown of the negotiations between the Achaeans
225/19 The Achaeans, led by Aratus, appeal to Antigonus for help against Cle
224/_ Achaean General: Aratus (XI)
222/_ Achaean General: Aratus (XII)
220/_ Achaean General: Aratus (XIII)
220/11 Aratus becomes general of the Achaean League.
220/21 The Aetolians defeat Aratus and the Achaeans at Caphyae.
219/13 Aratus, the son of Aratus, becomes General of the Achaean League.
218/19 Philippus and Aratus are reconciled at the assembly of the Achaean
217/_ Achaean General: Aratus (XIV)
217/12 Aratus becomes general of the Achaean League.
217/14 Aratus puts an end to civil dissension at Megalopolis.
217/38 Aratus fails in an attack on Cynaetha.
215/_ Achaean General: Aratus (XV?)
214/12 Aratus persuades Philippus to spare Messene.
213/_ Achaean General: Aratus (XVII?)
213/17 the career and character of Aratus, who was successful in building
213/18 The death of Aratus.
Plutarch,- PLUTARCH, Aratus

  Aratus 3   - son of Aratus; Achaean general in 219 B.C.
219/_ Achaean General: Aratus junior
219/13 Aratus, the son of Aratus, becomes General of the Achaean League.
    Within translations:
Plut:Arat_2 also for his son Aratus, who was only seven years old,
Plut:Arat_49 greatly injured young Aratus by corrupting his wife ;

  Aratus 4   of Cnidus - a historian, who wrote about the history of Egypt
Vit:Arat_1 such as the historians, Aratus of Cnidus, author of histo

  Aratus   - in documents
Just_3.4 Phalantus, the son of Aratus, by whose advice the Spart
THI_45 (205/4)   das son of Kleomedon, Aratos son of Makareus, Lykon
THI_80 (242)   eoros Makareus son of Aratos, on arriving here from

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