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  Ares   - the Greek god of war
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Plin:HN_35.100   for the festival of the Ludi Apollinares There has also been
Aelian:NA_15.11   and sorcerers to our friend Ares ** to punish and judge
AnthPal_3.19   ear secretly this offspring to Ares, Romulus and Remus,
AnthPal_6.91   Grant to them all, Ares, spoiler of men, ever to win troph
AnthPal_6.122   & { H 1 } & Maenad of Ares, sustainer of war, impetuous
AnthPal_6.151   this deep-toned flute of Ares, & the Tyrrhenian instrumen
AnthPal_6.324   & Who offered to me, Ares the sacker of cities, rich
AnthPal_7.226   dying for Abdera ; for Ares greedy of blood slew no othe
AnthPal_7.244   ICUS & { F 5 } & Fierce Ares drew these our swords, the
AnthPal_9.39   Cypris : "Talk that twaddle to Ares. Your brat has no wing
AnthPal_9.90   as far as the city of Ares {Rome} to your suppliants
AnthPal_9.109   I escaped the wrath of Ares, and on the sea that of Nere
AnthPal_9.157   not the work of Hades or of Ares, but the work of Love.
AnthPal_9.258   with Bacchus alone, not with Ares." * & My water. [259]
AnthPal_9.279   of unvanquished Ares, hunger no more for battle, but
AnthPal_9.288   the Athenians, am dedicated to Ares as a sign of the valou
AnthPal_9.321   these accoutrements of Ares ? What falsifier fitted on
AnthPal_9.387   Hector of the race of Ares, if you hear wherever you
AnthPal_9.602   and crown the altars of Ares and Heracles instead of thos
AnthPal_9.684   It was Pterelas, the son of Ares, who placed me here.
AnthPal_16.160   steel carved the Paphian as Ares would have her. * &
AnthPal_16.180   like this, let the wrath of Ares & be confounded. *
AnthPal_16.214   of Zeus, the shield of Ares and his plumed helmet, the
Antiphil_7.399   of Acheron, and hateful Ares lives in them even now they
AntipSid_9.323   dedicating to murderous Ares ornaments that are no orname
AntipThes_7.493   ourselves, when dreadful Ares burnt the city of Corinth
AntipThes_9.59   eracles, and another dauntless Ares. They are painted on
AntipThes_16.75   ike to Zeus, Apollo, and Ares, lovely offspring granted
AntipThes_16.176   who is the spouse of Thracian Ares and a Lacedaemonian.
Anyte_7.208   ced through the breast by gory Ares. The black blood bubbl
Athen_4.154   Oedipus, & Has savage Ares descended; and they now &
Athen_6.243   ered Woman he says - & I Ares invoke, and mighty Victory,
Athen_9.393   turned into a bird by Ares, and that when he came to
Athen_11.502   these cups "saucers of Ares." The Aeolians call the
Athen_12.510     Ares was no god to them,
Athen_12.511     Swifter than Ares, and slower than Hephaestus ?
Athen_14.627   in honour & Of mighty Ares, with shining helmets. &
Crinag_9.283   fell, and Enyo said to Ares, "It is to such hands as the
Demetr:Eloc_148   le, since no one is as tall as Ares. [149] & The same fea
Diod_37.30   are more powerful even than Ares. You entice everything
Julian:Caes_334   self when he is rebuking Ares [ Il_5'897 ]: 'Long ago,'
Julian:Caes_335   and thither, till mighty Ares and Aphrodite took pity on
LeonTar_7.449   ase, the Muse in the dance and Ares in war. Must we not
LeonTar_9.322   ome gift on the walls of Ares ? Undamaged are the helmets,
LeonTar_16.171   you put on these arms of Ares, bearing this useless weight
Lucill_11.191   91] & { F 75 } & "Ares, Ares, destroyer of men, blood-fie
Lucill_11.211   rter, ye Trojans dear to Ares." Then he enquired if he had
Malal_216   opposite the temple of Ares that was afterwards called
Meleager_5.180   with cruel eyes ! Is not Ares his mother's lover, and Heph
Meleager_6.163   it were disgraceful for Ares to take delight ? Here are
OGIS_86   (c. 210-204)   is was dedicated to Ares Nikephoros {"victory-bring
OGIS_199   ((?) 259/8) thanks to my mighty God, Ares, who begat me, and by
OGIS_553.A   (early 1st century) against the enemy dedicated to Ares in token of thanks.
OGIS_553.B   (early 1st century) your town an image of Ares, the blood-stained slayer of men,
Philip_9.311   thing of the past, and Ares, on the other hand, has begu
Philip_16.177   you have despoiled bold Ares to boast how great is the
Philip_16.215   the shield and helmet of Ares, the club of Heracles, the
Phlegon:Mir_6   stir up a much greater Ares against you, & And make deso
Phlegon:Mir_8   country what a baneful Ares Athena will bring out & When
Plut:Demetr_42   of justice. For " Ares is a tyrant," as Timotheus express
Polyaen_1.20.1   war that, inspired by Ares and the Muses, they advanced
PsCallisth_1.4   al, the moon of adamant, Ares of a blood-red jewel, Hermes
PsCallisth_1.12   imself, and he has the soul of Ares, the lion-hearted. For
PsCallisth_1.46   his flesh. & Once Ares raised a mighty war against Thebes
PsCallisth_3.26   father Zeus and Hera and Ares and Athena, bringer of victo
SEG_23.547   (201/0)   a] and Poseidon and [Ares and (?) Aphrodite and] He
SEG_30.1073   (c. 188) it happens, [were begotten by Ares himself] and it be may
SEG_38.603   (202-197)   don, Demeter, Apollo, Ares, Athena Areia, the Tauro
SEG_48.588   (289)   Gē, Helios, (?) Ares, (?) Athena Areia, and] a
SEG_61.722.D   (111/0) and Leto and Artemis and Ares and Aphrodite 10 and Hermes
Simonid_7.296   from Asia, since fierce Ares directs the battles of natio
Simonid_7.443   breasts of these men did Ares wash with red rain his long-
Simonid_16.232   rrayed, and gore-flecked Ares, against them, & Thus first
Syll_366   (c. 292)   a, Helios, Poseidon, Ares, Athena Areia, and all
Syll_673   (150-135)   ing to Poseidon Argeios and Ares.   Epicharmos
Syll_712.A   stele in the temple of Ares at Dera, and at Lato
Syll_712.E   borders of the temple of Ares in the land of Dera,
Syll_760   (48) e manifest god descended from Ares and Aphrodite, and the comm
THI_12   (c. 309-305)   don, Apollo, Demeter, Ares, Athena Areia {"war
THI_100   (c. 200)   , Poseidon, Demeter, Ares, Athena Areia and the Tau
THI_191.A   (late 2nd cent.) father, O excellent stranger, when Ares of the sceptres came to
Timoth:Pers_20   with the drippings of Ares, and all was mingled pain
Timoth:Pers_86   fend off the Greek war god [Ares]. But now alas! where

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