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  Argo   - name of a ship, in which Jason, Heracles and others sailed from Greece to Colchis
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  + Argonauts
Antiphil_9.306   ted on a carriage. Argo was formerly the theme of song,
AntipThes_7.637   a speaking keel like that of Argo. [7.639] & { G-P 59
Athen_13.572   hen he had collected the Argonauts, sacrificed to Zeus Het
Athen_14.616   elanippides, says in his Argo (and it is of Athena that
Cic:DeOr_1.174   steer the vessel of the Argonauts in the Euxine Sea.
Cic:Tusc_1.45   passed by the ship called Argo, because,
Cic:Tusc_4.69   said that chief of the Argonauts in tragedy? -
ElegMaec_1.103   serving. After the Argo had skirted in affright the reefs
Ennius:Ann_546   ssed the ship which was called Argo . . . or those who saw
Euseb]:Chron_61   the expedition of the Argonauts sailed to the river Pha
Euseb]:Chron_65   expedition of the Argonauts and Heracles happened during
Euseb]:Chron_185   The deeds of the Argonauts and the Centaurs occurred in
Just_32.3   Aeetes in pursuit of the Argonauts, that had carried off
Just_42.2   and of heroes, who were called Argonauts. 12 Having brough
Memn_28   as the arrival of the Argo, the disappearance of Hylas
Plin:HN_3.128   the fact that the ship Argo came down a river into
Polyaen_8.71.1   who were descended from the Argonauts. And in consequen
Poseidon_97   it were on the rudder of the Argo. The star cannot be

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