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  Argyraspides   - the "Silver Shields", an elite force of Alexander's veterans
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318/14 nes gains the loyalty of the "Silver Shields" by invoking the name
316/5 The leaders of the Silver Shields begin to plot against Eumenes.
316/32 onus disposes of some of the Silver Shields by assigning them to Siby
    Within translations:
Athen_12.539   five hundred Macedonian Argyraspides; and in the middle
Just_12.7   from having silver shields, Argyraspides. On arriving
Just_14.2   it best to apply to the Argyraspides of Alexander the Gre
Just_14.3   ding the victory ." The Argyraspides, on the other hand,
Oros_3.23   summoned to his assistance the Silver that is, the soldiers who
Plut:Eum_13   too, who commanded the Argyraspides, had directions to
Plut:Eum_16-19 *   were at the head of the Argyraspides, were so exasperated
Polyaen_4.6.13   circumstance, that the Silver Shields delivered up Eumen
Polyaen_4.6.15   liberally rewarded the Silver Shields, who had delivered
Polyaen_4.8.2   information, that the Silver Shields were likely to reb

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