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  Asander   - son of Philotas; governor of Caria after Alexander's death
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320/31 Asander the general of Antipater is defeated by Alcetas.
313/1 thenian decree, in honour of Asander, the Macedonian satrap of Caria.
313/4 control of the cities of Caria, and liberates Miletus from Asander.
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_9-11 *   onus as before; Caria to Asander; Lydia to Clitus; Phrygia
Oros_3.23   given Lycia and Pamphylia; Cassander, Caria; and Menander, Lydia.
PsCallisth_3.31   Olcias, Lysimachus, Eumenes, Asander did not know what
SEG_35.1080   (321/0)   gn of Philippos, when Asandros was satrap, in the m
Syll_311   (323/2)   king Philippos, when Asandros was satrap, it was r
THI_77   (318)   month of Dios, when Asandros was satrap, and the ar
THI_118   (321/0)   ign of Philippos, when Asandros was satrap; since t

  Asander 2   - king of Bosporus, (?) 47-17 B.C.
321/5a a decree of Pidasa honouring men appointed by the satrap Asander.
109/10 The birth of Asander, king of Bosporus.
47/26 Asander rebels against Pharnaces.
47/63 Pharnaces is killed by Asander, who seizes control of Bosporus.
46/50 Pergamon is defeated by Asander, while attempting to seize the
    Within translations:
Lucian:Macr_17 ived ninety years. Asander, who, after being ethnarch, was

  Asander   - in documents
AnthPal_12.88 ide I bend towards Asander, and on that again my eye, waxi
SEG_56.638 (160-150)   n, Philopheiros son of Asandros and Thersandros son
Syll_322 atides son of Mnesitheos Asandros son of Agathon [B] T
Syll_690 (c. 135)   Politas son of Asandros, Nikaretos son of Antichare
THI_151 (145-137)   n of Harmoxenos Asandros son of Lysikles Kallistrat
THI_176 (155/4)   and Politas, sons of Asandros, sold to Pythian Apol
THI_24 (early 2nd cent.)   as and the magistrate Asandros private individuals:

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