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  Asclepieia   - games in honour of the god Asclepius
  + Asclapieia , Asclepian
169/11a THI_61.D, a list of victors in the Asclepieia games at Cos.
    Within translations:
RC_21   (before 250)   ity for those going] to the Asklepieia now [and in
RC_26   (c. 240)   upon those who come to the Asklepieia and upon the
SEG_48.1097   (c. 220)   contest at the great Asklepieia, and so that the de
Syll_1064   (c. 140-110) race for men in the Asklapieia at Kos
Syll_538   (204/3)   ounced at the Dionysian and Asklepian games at K
SEG_12.373'B   (242)   ey have announced the Asklepieia {festival} that wi
THI_61.D   (173-169)   e the victors at the Asklapieia games: trumpeter: &
THI_99.B   (early 2nd century)   onysia] and the great Asklepieia, [and that we shou
THI_99.D   (2nd century)   ce at the festival of Asklepieia that, "The de
THI_99.G   (c. 195)   os the doctor at the Asklepieia in the gymnastic co
THI_99.J   (150-100)   a [and at the] great Asklepieia, [and to give] a pl

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