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  Attalus   I Soter - king of Pergamon, 241-197 B.C.
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  + Eumenes
269/19 The birth of Attalus, the future king of Pergamon.
237/10 Attalus defeats the Galatians by the river Caicus.
229/9 Attalus defeats Antiochus Hierax in Phrygia.
228/7 Attalus defeats Antiochus Hierax and the Galatians in two battles,
228/14 Attalus defeats Antiochus Hierax again, by the river Harpasus in Cari
224/13 Attalus defeats Lysias.
223/1 Seleucus sets out to attack Attalus, leaving Hermeias as vice-regent.
222/21 Achaeus forces Attalus to take refuge in Pergamon.
220/46 The birth of Attalus, the son of Attalus of Pergamon.
218/25 Attalus subdues Aeolis and Mysia.
218/41 mutiny amongst Attalus' soldiers.
216/22 Antiochus enters an alliance with Attalus against Achaeus.
214/6 Sayings of Lacydes, addressed to Attalus and others.
211/10 into an alliance with the Romans, along with Attalus of Pergamon.
210/1a Aetolians capture Aegina and sell it to Attalus for thirty talents.
208/15b cree of Lilaea in Phocis, in honour of the garrison sent by Attalus.
208/16 Attalus returns to Asia to face an attack from Bithynia.
206/6a Antiochus, Ptolemy, and Attalus recognising the status of the
206/6a ings Antiochus, Ptolemy, and Attalus recognising the status of the
205/21 the Romans send envoys to Attalus in an attempt to obtain the sacr
201/20 Embassies from Attalus and Rhodes bring charges against Philippus bef
200/4b THI_100, a treaty between Attalus and Malla in Crete.
199/12 The Roman fleet, aided by Attalus, captures Oreus.
199/21 The consuls enter office, and receive an embassy from Attalus.
197/2a OGIS_270, a decree of Aptara in honour of Attalus.
197/3 Attalus destroys Gergitha in the Troad and resettles its inhabitants.
197/4 from Delphi predicts that Attalus' family will reign until the tim
197/5 Attalus appoints Ctesiphon of Athens to be a judge in Aeolis.
197/6 Lysimachus is the teacher and parasite of Attalus.
197/7 comments on the achievements of Attalus, a loyal ally of the Romans.
197/8 Attalus I dies at Thebes after suffering a stroke there.
197/12a 24.J, the manumission of a slave-girl by an officer of king Attalus.
    Within translations:
Athen_6.252   atterer and the tutor of Attalus the king, a man whom Call
Athen_15.697   was made by Attalus who succeeded Philetaerus
Diod_34.13   invent. [13] &   Attalus, the first king of that name,
Euseb]:Chron_253   ted, and he joined battle with Attalus in the region of
Festus:Brev_10   the partnership of King Attalus, and we took possession
Hieron:Chron_1808   Laevinus made an alliance with Attalus, the king of Asia.
Hieron:Chron_1828   Eumenes, the brother of king Attalus, was in his prime.
Just_27.3   [27.3] Meanwhile Eumenes, king of Bithynia, when the bro
Just_29.4   an alliance with king Attalus, proceeded to lay waste
Just_30.3   ngs, embassies from king Attalus, and from the Rhodians,
OGIS_268   (? 159)   cription to the reign of Attalos I, i.e. 241/0 B
OGIS_269   (c. 238-227)   ng Attalos dedicated] this thank
OGIS_273   (c. 238-227)   [273]   King Attalos dedicated these thank-off
OGIS_280   (229-197)   s statue of king Attalos was dedicated by Epig
OGIS_281   (c. 210)   g Attalos dedicated these first-fru
OGIS_283   (201-198)   ng] Attalos dedicated this to [Zeus]
OGIS_327   (c. 154)   Attalos, son of king Attalos, and those who campaig
OGIS_764.D   [ to the god king Attalos and Philetairos ] Euergetes and
Oros_4.20   ally Eumenes, the son of Attalus, engaged in a naval battle
Phlegon:Mir_9   be handed over to the sons of Attalus. The Celts dwelling
Plin:HN_34.84   represented the battles of Attalus and Eumenes against the
Polyaen_4.18.2   engaged in a war with Attalus and the Rhodians, found
Polyaen_4.20.1   Frontinus, Str.4.7.20] [20] Attalus. Attalus, previo
RC_28   (c. 240)   might have been written by Attalos I. } [King Ptol
RC_34   (208/7) King Attalos to the council and the
RC_49   (182)   enes, the son of king Attalos and queen Apollonis,
SEG_31.575   (170) king Eumenes and his brother Attalos at the same time as
SEG_39.1334   (230-220)   f Thyone, and to king Attalos; and yet the art is o
Syll_523   (c. 220)   ed to Apollo] by king Attalos, [except the king him
Syll_628   (182)   g Eumenes son of king Attalos on account of his vi
Syll_630   (182)   from his father king Attalos both piety [towards th
Syll_641   (c. 174)   ens, the son of king Attalos and queen Apollonis,
Syll_670   (before 161)   alos, son of [king Attalos], was dedicated to Py
THI_24   (early 2nd cent.)   ks appointed by king Attalos, sold to Pythian Ap
THI_63   (193)   the statue of king Attalos and the statue of Phi
THI_100   (c. 200)   send envoys to king Attalos to request an allied fo
THI_215   oyal stations which king Attalus, son of Eumenes, main
ValMax_4.8.4   as a gift for king Attalus to possess; believing the future
ValMax_5.2e.3   as a gift to king Attalus. But Attalus was not inferior

  Attalus 2   II Philadelphus - king of Pergamon, 159-138 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
220/46 The birth of Attalus, the son of Attalus of Pergamon.
185/2a RC_47, a letter of Attalus concerning tax-exemption for the temple
182/10 Attalus and his brothers visit Cyzicus with their mother Apollonis.
172/6 Attalus attempts to marry his sister-in-law Stratonice, following fal
167/2 Attalus the brother of Eumenes appears before the senate.
163/4 Attalus appears before the senate to defend his brother Eumenes again
160/19 IG_672, commemorating a gift from Attalus II to the city of Delphi.
159/1 Attalus defends Eumenes against the accusations of Prusias.
159/11 dicated to Apollonis at Cyzicus by her children Eumenes and Attalus.
159/11a RC_56-60, letters from Eumenes and Attalus to Attis.
159/11b Inscr_84, a letter of Attalus concerning Aribazus, the commander of
158/6 OGIS_751, a letter from Attalus to Amlada.
158/8 The death of Eumenes II, and accession of Attalus II.
158/12 SEG_44.1108, a letter of Attalus II to Olbasa in Pisidia.
157/3 Attalus sets up Alexander Balas as a rival to Demetrius.
156/7 Prusias attacks and defeats Attalus.
156/11 The senate reacts cautiously to an appeal for help from Attalus.
155/1 ends legates to investigate the dispute between Prusias and Attalus.
155/13 OGIS_315.6, a letter from Attalus II to Attis describing a meeting
154/6 Peace between Attalus and Prusias.
145/22 War between Attalus of Pergamon and Diegylus the Thracian.
142/11 OGIS_331.2, a letter from Attalus to Athenaeus.
140/14 Burstein_90, a letter from Attalus praising his son's tutor, a citiz
138/12 Attalus founds the city of Attaleia in Pamphylia.
138/13 Attalus attempts to improve the harbour at Ephesus.
138/14 Attalus settles the Dionysiac artists at Myonnesus, but soon afterwar
138/15 Attalus invents a technique of gold embroidery.
138/16 Attalus becomes indolent, and hands over the control of his kingdom
138/17 The death of Attalus II of Pergamon, and accession of Attalus III.
    Within translations:
1Macc_15   emetrius the king and to Attalus and Ariarathes and Arsace
Athen_5.212   front of the portico of Attalus, standing on it and looki
Diod_33.14   cheia, which belonged to Attalus, he burnt it to the groun
Diod_33.15   [15] &   When Attalus understood that Diēgylis
Euseb]:Chron_255   assistance of Ptolemy and Attalus, and he was killed
Just_35.1   tolemaeus king of Egypt, Attalus king of Asia, and Ariarat
Lucian:Macr_12   life at eighty. Attalus, called Philadelphus, also king
OGIS_264   (117-138AD)   dom] with his brother Attalos [during his lifetime,
OGIS_268   (? 159)   y to belong to the reign of Attalos II or III. } In
OGIS_298   (c. 183)   Attalos son of king Attalos dedicated this to Zeus
OGIS_303   (c. 158-138)   s on behalf of king Attalos Philadelphos and q
OGIS_304   (c. 158-138)   s on behalf of king Attalos Philadelphos and q
OGIS_323   (c. 150)   n for ever; and king Attalos, the brother-loving {P
OGIS_327   (c. 154)   King Attalos, son of king Attalos, and
OGIS_351   (c. 155-154)   rite to] king Attalos and king Ariarathes [about]
Plin:HN_7.126   {38.}   [126] King Attalus bid 100 talents for one
Plin:HN_35.24   sale of captured booty king Attalus bought for 600,000 denarii a
Plin:HN_35.100   able an artist that King Attalus is said to have bought
Plin:HN_35.172   and the royal palace of Attalus at Tralles and likewise the
Plut:Mor_184   ing brought to Pergamon, Attalus his brother put on the
RC_58   (163-160)   Attalos to priest Attis,
RC_59   (163-160)   Attalos to priest Attis,
RC_62   (160-139)   g Attalos to the council and
Syll_1028.B   (c. 158-145) 26 Procession for king Attalos
Syll_606   (190)   s statue of Attalos son of king Attalos was
Syll_629   (182)   enes and his brothers Attalos, Philetairos and Athe
Syll_666   (before 162)   alos and Ariarathes of Syp
Syll_670   (before 161)   s statue of [king] Attalos, son of [king Attal
THI_84   (170-159)   rtune.   Attalos to Sosthenes and Herodes, gre

  Attalus 3   III Philometor Euergetes - king of Pergamon, 138-133 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
138/17 The death of Attalus II of Pergamon, and accession of Attalus III.
137/7 Attalus III purges his opponents.
135/10 OGIS_331.4, a letter from Attalus to Pergamon.
135/11 OGIS_331.3, a letter from Attalus to Cyzicus.
133/11 The grammarian Daphitas (or Daphidas) is put to death by Attalus.
133/12b RC_68 & 69, letters of Attalus III concerning Hieracome in Lydia and
133/12c S_332, a decree of Pergamon granting divine honours to Attalus III.
133/13 Attalus III is a keen gardener.
133/14 Death of Attalus III of Pergamon, who bequeaths his kingdom to Rome.
133/15 Gracchus proposes to share out the money left by Attalus.
133/29 nding the citizenship of Pergamon as a consequence of Attalus' will.
132/17 the praetor C.Popillius, ratifying Attalus' decisions and will.
132/20 The valuable personal effects of Attalus are auctioned at Rome.
    Within translations:
Diod_34.3   [3] &   In Asia, Attalus {III} as soon as he came to the
Festus:Brev_10   when it had been bequeathed in Attalus' will. Nevertheless
Hieron:Chron_1887   ews, for 26 years. Attalus died, and left the Roman people
Just_36.4   its new sovereigns, King Attalus in Asia polluted a most
Just_38.7   riches of the kingdom of Attalus, or the ancient opulence
Obseq_28   Romans by the will of Attalus. When Antiochus king of Syria
OGIS_264   (117-138AD)   [kingdom to his son] Attalos, [with his brother Att
OGIS_298   (c. 183)   Attalos son of king Attalos dedic
OGIS_332   (138-133)   ople [honours] king Attalos Philometor Euergetes,
OGIS_764.D   ] Euergetes and king Attalos Philometor Euergetes, and from
Oros_5.8   chanced that on his deathbed, Attalus, the son of Eumenes, had
Oros_5.10   Aristonicus, the brother of Attalus. Aristonicus had invaded the
Plin:HN_33.148   on the death of king Attalus was more disadvantageous than the
Plut:Demetr_20   tables and lamps. Attalus, surnamed Philometor, amused
THI_175.C   lt-pans, which] formerly king Attalos worked, our city neith
ValMax_5.2e.3   gift to king Attalus. But Attalus was not inferior in the
Vit:Nicand_1   lived in the reign of Attalus, the last king of Pergamu

  Attalus 4   - general and father-in-law of Philippus II of Macedonia
Wikipedia entry
Athen_13.557   of Hippostratus and niece of Attalus. And bringing her
Just_9.5-7 *   Parmenion, Amyntas, and Attalus, whose sister he had rec
Just_12.6   other and brothers, with Attalus, Eurylochus, Pausanias,
Oros_3.14   leaders, Parmenion, Amyntas, and Attalus, with the intention of
Oros_3.18   Parmenion and Philotas. Attalus, Eurylochus, Pausanius, and
Polyaen_5.44.4   efended by Parmenion and Attalus with a force of ten thous

  Attalus 5   - son of Andromenes; one of Alexander's officers
Wikipedia entry
320/15 Attalus, the brother-in-law of Perdiccas, takes his fleet to Tyre,
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_* 9-11 * the scribe and supported by Attalus. Antipater barely
Just_13.3 two of their officers, Attalus and Meleager, to quell
Polyaen_4.6.7 marching in pursuit of Attalus, Alcetas, and Docimus,

  Attalus 6   - brother of Philetaerus; father of Attalus I
THI_93   (c. 276) But Attalos' chariot-team, like a whirlwind, constantly
THI_93   (c. 276) s also numbered that of Attalos. The starting line tensed, holdi

  Attalus 7   - the father of Philetaerus
OGIS_310 (277-268)   Pergamon, the son of Attalos, dedicated this lan
OGIS_311 (267-263)   Pergamon, the son of Attalos, dedicated [this l

  Attalus 8   - Stoic philosopher, 1st century A.D
Wikipedia entry

  Attalus 9   (Priscus Attalus) - usurper in Rome, 409-415 A.D.
Wikipedia entry
Oros_2.3   the rule, while at Rome, Attalus, the prefect of Rome, attempted
Oros_7.42   I say of the unlucky Attalus, for whom it was an

  Attalus 10   Epiphanes - king of Paphlagonia, first century B.C.
64/16 Cappadocia, Aristarchus in Colchis, and Attalus in Paphlagonia.

  Attalus   - in documents
Bianor_7.671 you wantonly take young Attalus ? Was he not yours even
OGIS_59 (163)   . Eumelos Moschos Diodamos Attalos son of Cha... Th
Syll_682 (140/39)   on], who were sent by [king Attalos] to (?) restore
THI_61.B (196-146)   ration for men:   Attalos of Metropolis, the s
THI_61.C (early 2nd century)   sp; Agathokles son of Attalos Stadion race for men:
THI_90 (311-306)   : 1,500 Nikon son of Attalos   : 1,000 Nikepho

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